29 Jul 2011

Emperors Children WIP: Three done

Just a qick update posting. I got myself a terrible summer flu that doesn´t want to go away... Crap! But I have managed to paint something anyway :), and  so I finished the third marine today. Here´s a couple of group shots of the first three Emperor´s Children minis.

I did some repainting on the Sonic Blaster marine, and I think it looks pretty good now :) 

The Chapter symbol on the Sonic Blaster dudes shoulder came out nicely. Ok...I used a bit different color on it (purple instead of yellow) and changed the symbol abit... But hey! John Blanche does it all the time, and nobody judges him :D I used some Army painters Battle Fields "Jungle Tuft" on the bases. Nice stuff! I have started painting last of the Emp´s, so I´ll be back soon! Bye...

25 Jul 2011

Space Marine Project: Emperors Children 2 WIP

Here´s the second mini of the Emperor´s Children, and my paint job step by step :)

I started with painting the power armour and the bolter with Warlock Purple ( three layers ) and some Vallejo Squid Pink to some parts ( two layers was enough ).

Then I washed the painted parts with one heavy layer of Leviathan Purple.

Here I have high lighted the armour and bolter. Warlock Purple parts I made with 3:1 mix of Warlock Purple and Squid Pink, and finally few dots with pure Squid Pink. Squid parts I high lighted with the base color again. I made the "leather face" and marines face with Dwarf  Flesh, washing with Ogryn flesh, high light with Dwarf Flesh adding some White in it... Then washed again with Gryphonne Sepia and high light again (wery carefully) with 1:1 Dwarf Flesh and Skull White mix.

Here I started with the gold and metal parts... First I painted the metal parts with Bolt Gun Metal, then the gold parts with layer of Tausept Ochre. It really helps to make the gold very shiny with just one layer of gold paint... I like it.

As you can see... just one layer of gold, and its shiny shiny, blinky blink..."My Precious...yessss".

I gave the gold and metal parts a heavy wash of my favourite, the allmighty Devlan Mud...

High lights with Burnished Gold and Chain Mail for metal parts. And that´s about it...

I also painted it from the back... It´s not necessary, if you´re certain that you´re troops never flee :)
I try to take some daylight pics when I get the basing done... Bye now!

24 Jul 2011

Rainy day painting with the kids

My four and five years old kids are always watching, when I´m painting minis at the day time... asking punch of questions about the games and minis.  Most of the time the question is "why can´t I paint"? Well... this time I couldn´t find a good reason why not ( Except I´m really busy with the Space Marine project...:) And actually, I just bought some extra brushes for the kids, if they would want to give it a try...

I looked up some old boxes of unpainted minis and found couple of 3rd edition WHFB miniatures. I gave my daughter (4years) a Skaven, and my son (5 years) a Dark Elf... that was missing part of his crossbow. I thought that these minis were good to start with, for they are simply sculpted and don´t have too many details in them. And hey... these are the minis I started the paintig with! :) I think they made a good job, and used the brush very carefully, not taking too much paint in it. They followed my instructions very well... that usually never happens!

Here are the masterpieces..!

23 Jul 2011

Emperors Children WIP: Basing done

Two more pics, with the basing done. The colors look a bit better now :)

22 Jul 2011

Space Marine Project: Emperors Children WIP

I had to take step back, and think again about the color theme. After looking at the first mini for a day, I discovered that I´m not happy with the first plan, and the paint job was not good... at all. I think I did too much surfing in the internet, looking for ideas and styles... and forgot to make my own ideas and  use the style I like to paint. I guess that was my mistake :(

Anyways... I got back looking at the Space Marine game pics again, and started to plan the colors. I got down to four colors... Warlock Purple, Burnished Gold, Boltgun Metal and Vallejo Squid Pink. All washes were done with Leviathan Purple and Devlan Mud. Finally I made the High Lights different mixes of the base colors... I give you more proper tutorial later :) Here´s one pic of the new Emperor´s Children paint job.

Basing is not finished, but otherwice this is ready. High lights jump out little bit because of the flash... I´ll try to take better pic next time... Bye now!

17 Jul 2011

Space Marine Project: Colors for Emperor´s Children

Vacation started friday..! Hooray :) So now I´ve had time to plan some colors on the first group in the Space Marine project... the Emperor´s Children. I´ve been looking for some pics and fluff on the internet about anything related to the chapter... Some of the "old school" Post Heresy Noise Marines pics were just wonderful. They were brilliantly painted with flashy colors, just like they should, but for me... they looked too much like going to the Mardi Gras. They didn´t quite capture the feeling of the oncoming action spectacle. Well... I tried to find some color theme from the middle of these lovely festival marines, and the Emperor´s Children in the actual Space Marine game. And here´s what I have now...

So... the colors are flashy, but I try  to keep the palette very simple. I think this could work... If it doesn´t, at least, I did it my way :)  I´ll be back with some WIP-pics soon. Bye now!

10 Jul 2011

Space Marine Project: First minis

Just a quick update posting. I decided to start the project with some Noise :) Noise Marines box was first one to open... The bitz and stuff was so cool, that I just had to start building Emperors Children group! Here´s one pic of the assembled marines...

I´m quite happy with the poses... I used all the metal parts and the "heavy noise" stuff, for they looked too cool to stay in the box... I´ll be back with some WIP-pics soon.

9 Jul 2011

Space Marine, The Drop Pod has landed!

The goods arrived today..! Four boxes of Marines, and some paints. Thanx for the guys at the Puolenkuun Pelit again..! I´m very excited to finally get my hands on the Space Marine project. I purchased some new bruhes and all ;). Now I just have to figure out wich Chapter to start with, and get my hands dirty :) The sixth Chapter is still a "secret"... so can´t start with that one.  I´ll post the name right away when I hear some news. While waiting for the marines, I´ve been working on my Goblin horde and the Descent skeletons. I might post some pics if I´ll get the time... But now, gotta glue some Marines together :o Bye now!