27 Mar 2016

Serpents of Hellfire: 5th Company Veterans Done!

Finally got all six of the Veterans painted. And six is the number that can fit in their Razorback, that is "one of my" next projects... Here's some pics.

Here's a group shot...

Veteran with Lightning Claws. Nasty, and very effective in assault...

Veteran Sergeant with Storm Shield and Chainsword.

This one's equipped with a trusty Flamer and Auspex. It's barbeque time...

Another vet with Lightning Claws.

Power weapon and Storm Shield...

And finally one with Storm Shield and Chain Sword. So, lots of 3+ invulnerable saves in the unit. I hope it helps them to get into assault before whole unit is shredded to pieces... Razorback will hopefully help them too :) That's all this time... Bye now!

18 Mar 2016

Reaper Bones: Anval Thricedamned

A while ago I ordered quite a pile of Reaper Bones minis for RPG-use. I'll be posting pics every now and then when I get them painted... Here's one of my favorite Bones, Anval Thricedamned.

I was aiming for butcher kind of look for this giant-axe wielding chaos warrior. So I covered it with dried blood and nasty goo...

Really love the sculpting on this one. Superb figure!

15 Mar 2016

Serpents of Hellfire: Devastator with Multimelta (updated armor)

Hi there! I started painting my Devastator Squad. All assembled and primed... Here's the first ready one.

There's been little "development" in the chapter armor. It now has yellow in the shoulder trims, knees, cod piece, and head top. I just wanted to have contrast in the chapter color. All red is nice and fast, but yellow in specific places makes different parts stand out from the figure.

The color theme seems to be pretty close to Blood Drinkers and Red Templars now, but there are little differences :)

And the Chapter symbol is still the same... Now I just have to "update" my older squads. More Devastating power soon. Bye now!

7 Mar 2016

Gripping Beast Vikings

Hi there! I painted few of my GP-Vikings as a "Shieldwall" unit for Kings of War. I'm starting a small "Kingdoms of men" war band, where I'm using alot of FB-Empire stuff, and whatever I can find from my hoard :) Here's the first "Shield Wall" pics.

Just three guys so far... but these minis are quite easy and fast to paint.
I'm planning to paint the rear ranks faster. The front rank is given some time and details...

Here's the unit leader. I made some more datails on him.

The red high lights don't show in this picture... Maybe too heavy light.

This shield says "King Grom" in viking runes...
I took the design from one of my Viking books :)

More soon... Bye now!