24 Jan 2011

DoW- Assault Cannon and Cyclone Finished

Well, I got something done this weekend after all. The Assault Cannon was fast done after the last update. Then I jumped right out to the next one... Terminator with some serious fire power, (and that for my favorite) the Cyclone missile launcher :)  But first the pic of the finished Assault Cannon...

I think it turned out OK. At the finishing line I noticed a little detail missing from this one and the previous Termies... I forgot to paint the "flashy green" eyes!!! Well that´s corrected now :) 

I´m jumping ahead with the WIP shots on this one... right to the point where I have already painted the metal parts with Bolt gun metal, washed with Devlan Mud, high lighted with Chainmail and finally with Mithril Silver. I think the metal parts came out nicely... specially around the Cyclone "missile tubes". At this point I had also high lighted the red parts, first with Blood Red, and then with Blazing Orange.

Here´s the Terminator from the back, at the same point... Metals and Reds done.

Here´s the finished one... White parts done with Bleached Bone, wash with Gryphonne  Sepia, high lights with BBone again, and final high light with Skull White. Then some battle damage to the sholders... Everything done pretty much as told in the previous posting. In this pic you can also see the eyes painted :) I used Emerald Green, high lighted with the same color adding some Bleached Bone... There you have it. So there´s just one to go in this unit... that would be the heavy flamer. I´ll be back with that. And maybe some happy group shot of the unit :)

18 Jan 2011

DoW-Terminator with Assault Cannon, WIP

I started painting Terminator with Assault Cannon... and this time I remembered to take some pics too :) I actually got carried away with the camera. There´s maybe too many pics for a short update :D Sorry...

                       Here´s the Termie with just the "Army Painter" Red Primer and heavy wash of Devlan Mud.

 This time I started with the metal parts, and gave them a coat of Boltgun Metal. I really like this color, for it covers the areas very neatly with just one coat of paint...

Then I washed the metal parts with two layers of Devlan Mud. I usually wash metal parts with Badab Black, but I have started to turn on the Devlan Mud, for it makes the shadows contrasts little softer...

       I made the high lights. First with Chain Mail, and second with just a few drops of Mithril Silver.

Then on with the white parts... Three thin layers of Bleached Bone for starters on all of the white parts.

                        And then a wash of Gryphonne Sepia... I tried to keep it light as possible.

   High lights with Bleached Bone again... and final high light with few careful brush strokes of Skull White.

Finally I added the Chapter symbol on the shoulder, and some battle damage... Damage is made with just little spots or strokes of Graveyard Earth. Underneath of the damaged parts I used a high light of Skull White to make them stand out more clearly.  Well that´s all folks... at this time.  I´ll be back with new pics shortly :)

16 Jan 2011

Dawn of War - Painting Project started

The first Drop Pod has landed... bringing me some goodies. I got two of the four Terminator boxes, and some paints. It was enough for me to get started... and I did.

I started to put the first squad together right away... assembly, cleaning up, and drilling the barrels... I tried to give them some cool poses, and I think they came up quite nice :)

For me, the great thing about plastic minis nowadays is that it´s so easy to make them unique with just a pose... Turn the hip or raise the arm, and you got a mini that no one else have ;) Anyways, I had orders (from the Emperor) to assemble the squads to the Maximum Fire Power..! So the upcoming  Blood Raven squads don´t follow the rules of the Codex Space Marines... They follow the rule of "Give em Hell". So, following the orders I put all the heavy stuff in the box on the lads here...

I got really carried away painting the first two of the Termies... And forgot to take any WIP pics. Sorry bout that... Still, I got eighteen to go. I hope I will remember to take them at some point :D

Here´s Sergeant Thales and his buddy. Yes... they are still missing the basing. I will add that later. About painting... I started with Army Painter "Red Primer". After that I gave the minis a heavy Devlan Mud wash. I painted up all the white parts with Bleached Bone, and gave them a very light wash of Gryphonne Sepia.After that I high lighted the white parts first with Bleached Bone and then with Skull White. Then I high lighted the red parts with Blood Red, following the high light with Blazing Orange. Metal parts are made with a Boltgun Metal base color and wash with Devlan Mud (twice). High lights first with Chain Mail and second with Mithril Silver... The Chapter symbol is not the "official" one I guess. But it´s a symbol that I can paint freehand, twenty times  in a row... and make it look decent :)

Hope you like them... Over and Out for now!

9 Jan 2011

Terminator and his little friend

While waiting for DOW-painting project to start... I had to dig out my own terminators to get into Terminator mood :) Here´s the first one painted...

He has a friend too... The vulture has found out, that it´s practical to hang out with this dude! Lots of corpses to feast on, when Auto Cannon starts to sing...

Auto Cannon is from Dark Angels veteran box... as are the other bits with the feathers on them. They were really cool details and I just had to use them on this one. From there I got the Idea of a vulture on his shoulder, for I was thinking... Where the hell did he get those feathers on his armour :o I  took the birdie from WHFB Giant box.

About painting... On armour I used the old Hellfire recipe: Base coat of Red Core. Wash with Devlan Mud. First dry brush with Blood Red, following an other with Blazing Orange. Finally some high light spots with Yellow. Vulture was painted with base coat of Graveyard Earth. Wash with Devlan Mud. First highlight with 1:1 Graveyard Earth and Bleached Bone. Second with Bleached bone only... Can´t remember the mix on the vultures head... Sorry :(
I tried to make the Auto Cannon look like it was gilded long time ago... and now the gilding had worn out.
Didn´t quite capture the feeling... but it´s ok :)  Maybe I´ll post another picture when I get the base done...