20 Jul 2015

Barrels Part II: All Done

Hello there! Got nine more barrels done. Here's some painting pics...

Well... Here's a pic before painting first :)

Ok... first I primed the barrels with two different colors, Skrag Brown and Steel Legion Brown (to make older looking barrels). Metal parts were painted with Boltgun Metal.

Washed the barrels with Nuln Oil all the way...

Then I painted some wood looking patterns with the prime colors again...

Added white to the prime colors and painted high lights on the patterns.

Finally I high lighted the metal parts with Runefang Steel... And made some rusty spots to the "old barrels".

Ok, that's nice... But what do I do with Ten barrels. Can't I get along with five? Well...

Now I can make a pyramid of barrels...

A wall of barrels... (for defend the beer scenario)

Or a wine storage for taverns :) So there you go. Barrels done and done. Bye now!

9 Jul 2015

Barrels out of Corrugated Cardboard

Hi there! For starters, I found this amazing tutorial for making barrels from youtube... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5ULCZOawG8 Check it out! And there are many other crafting tips from the same DM... Really cool stuff.

This is just a posting of how my barrel came out, using DM Scotty's way. Here's some pics.

I started out marking the lines to the corrugated cardboard. Here's material for ten barrels...

Then I cut the cardboard for ten pieces, all having twelve corrugations. Enough to bend it to a barrel.

At this point I used scissors to cut quarter of an inch from both edges of the cardboard... You can see the two drawn lines that worked as a guide markers. Then I used craft knife to cut the vertical lines only from other side of the cardboard. It's important not to cut too deep, or all the way through.

Then I bent the cardboard to a barrel shape, and used some hot glue to stick up the edges together.

Then the bottom in place. Its cutted out from the same cardboard material, 0,5 inches diameter. And before glueing the top cover of the barrel, I glued a nob inside the barrel, to give it some weight and balance.

Then cover...And the barrels wooden parts are ready.

These white stripes were cutted out of carton. Then bent around the barrel, attached with white glue.

And finally... paint job done here. I'm very happy with the result, and amazed how easy that was to make. This is a some low cost barrel :) Now I'm gonna start my barrel factory and make nine more.

And it's even better looking in a relevant enviroment. Go and see the real tutorial and other DM's
crafting tips from youtube... Thank you DM Scotty!

6 Jul 2015

Red Baron Inn: WIP, Stairway to Tavern

Hello again! I realized that the Inn's visitors are'nt able to enter the tavern upstairs, so I had to make some kind of tool for that... I was thinking big trampoline, rope, warp gate, or through the chimney... but the stairs seemed to be the best choise in the end. So I made them out of balsa.

Here's the stairway painted. Stairs are not glued in place, so you can move them around just as the fire place... Or use them in another setting.

Here's Vyrah the Falconer after some r&r, "Descending" the stairs, obviously highly intoxicated. Just remember to use that handrail...

5 Jul 2015

Red Baron Inn: 1st floor, Interior Walls Ready

Hi there! Today I got the last of the four interior walls ready for my "Red Baron Inn". It was nice to get to the point where I can finally put the walls together and see what comes out of them... Here's pics!

All four walls and the fire place waiting for assembly. I think the theme for the Inn's first floor is a place, where locals and travellers can warm up beside the fire, and leave their weapons before moving upstairs to drink and socialize.

Here's the 4th wall closer up. Lot of familiar shields there...

Allrighty... I was thinking, before applying the hot glue, how can I make the walls stand-up straight..? After a while it hit me. Legos are always straight :) So I borrowed some from my son and made an assembly tool out of them.

And it worked really well...

So here's the walls together. It was really easy job with the Lego tool and some hot glue. Only burned my fingers twice.

For Descent scale heroes this interior seems just abit too large, but it serves the purpose really well.

For Warhammer it's just perfect. Next job is the outer walls. Coming soon I hope :) Bye now!