28 Jun 2015

RPG Adventurer

Hello! Here's few pics of a miniature I kitbashed for my friend. He uses it in their GURPS-Fantasy campaign.

It has parts from Romans, Vikings and Pict miniatures. Shield I had to make my self, for I did'nt happen to have any tear shaped large shields...

It should now have all the equipment as the character has in game. Or at least the combat gear :)

Here's the original shield design. I was asked to design a tear shaped shield with a blood drop in the middle... and some "cool looking fantasy design around it". Well... this is a weird combination of some african and viking stuff :)

Bonus pics of the day... Old Hero Quest orc!

Bye now!

25 Jun 2015

"Red Baron Inn" Fireplace Painted

Little progress again with my building project. Here's some pics of two more walls and the fireplace painted.

Only one wall missing from the ground floor. That's next on the hobby table.

I didn't want to sculpt any flames, for they usually look crappy. Instead I decided to make some embers glowing warmly and gently :) It turned out ok.

More soon I hope... Bye now!

23 Jun 2015

"Red Baron Inn" Continued: A Fireplace WIP

Hello! Just a quick update on the Inn project. Today I made a fireplace... and here's some pics :)

Here's all the pieces cut out of foam board.

After assembly with hot glue gun...

And finally I added some masoned wall behind it. Made for the room height of Red Baron Inn.
Next there's some painting and fitting it to the place. We'll see how that goes pretty soon... Bye!

20 Jun 2015

The "Red Baron Inn" WIP

Hi there! After a long brake I have found some hobby time... And somehow I found myself with a wargames building project. This is my first attempt at making a building from scratch, and here's some pics of how I'm doing.

Started out with some drawings... The one on the right is my remote goal for the "Red Baron Inn"

Starting out with kapa board... Floor is measured for 25mm squares, if the building is used for RPG purposes at some point. (Pathfinder and stuff)

I cutted out the lines with carpet knife. And made some extra "cracks" to give the floor some feeling.

Here's the floor painted. I splattered some thinned black paint on the floor tiles as a last stage.

I cuttet out the walls... Just fits :)

Next I planned out the wall with a door


Ok... Making windows here. I cutted some cardboard of the size of the windows... and some small pieces of wire mesh of the same size.

I wanted the windows to look warm and yellow from the outside, like there was a fire place in the tavern (and there will be)... And  from  the inside it would look like a night view from the windows...

Here's the mesh glued to the painted cardboard.

Inside wall, with a door made out of balsa, and three mesh windows in place. I framed the windows with stripes of balsa too. Then some glue and sand on the walls.

After painting... Here's the first inside wall of the " Red Baron"

Three more walls to go, and then it's upstairs turn... More to come soon I hope ;)