16 Dec 2014

Old School Bushes out of Raindeer Moss

Hi there! It's been awhile since my last posting. I've sure done some painting and hobby stuff, but it seems to be a challenge to take any fotos, because of the darkness in Finland and my lazyness:). It was in the news awhile ago, that in our city, we had five hours of sun shine last month. FIVE HOURS MAN..! And no snow at all at the moment, so it's really dark out there... I hope we dont get a black christmas (again).

Anyways... here's some pics.

So, I went to nearby forest to take a walk with the kids. And because I see the nature with the eyes of a wargamer, I soon came up with some terrain ideas, and had to pick up some scenery stuff... Here's a clump of raindeer moss.

I cleand it up from all the needless and insects... and stuff. Then I made seperate small "bushes" out of the clump.

Then I wanted to add some colors of the fall... So I just decided to sink the "bushes" in a mix of acrylic colors and water... for few hours.

And here are few of them based...

At this point the bushes seem quite fragile to handle... so I'm thinking of spraying some varnish on them. I'll report if it makes any difference :) Bye now!