20 Aug 2014

It's a Jungle out there..!

Hi there! Found some time for hobby again, and made up some more jungle stuff... Here's pics.

This time I tried to make few higher trees, I made half of them with two levels of palm leafs on top of each other. I think they look nice, and make a richer canopy to the terrain piece. Not realistic..?
Hey, they're for fantasy game!

With a tree high as this one, and a 40K infantry base, it's a good idea to glue a washer under the base, to give it the needed balance. Or be smarter as I am, and use a bigger base... I'll be back with these, when painted. Bye now!

11 Aug 2014

Blood Bowl: 2nd Edition Plastic Minis

Hi there! I needed a brake from Warhammer minis, and decided to dig up my Blood Bowl teams. I have two "official" Human teams, one converted Orc team, and the Dwarfs Team, that I have made from old Citadel Plastics. I try to paint them all (this year) and get some small time League action going on in our game group... We'll see how that goes :)

Here's one of my 2nd edition plastic Human models. This was the second one I've ever painted of these... As you can see, the sculpting is not spoiled with too many details :) and paints up really nicely. I used only metal, red, flesh, and some white. So it was a one evening job for me. I try to keep it simple, so I can finish the team in this life...

The broblem with this team is, that all the minis have the same pose... I try to make the difference between the players with some special color choises, and painting the bases with different color for Linemen, Catchers, Throwers, Blitzers, etc...

2nd ed Minis came with these nice small slotta bases, and different colored rings, that you can clip on...

to make a difference between the players. I decided to use normal size slotta bases and paint the edge with color I choose, and write the players "position" on the side. That clears out for everybody what the model represents on the field. I save the classic bases for later...

Here's the whole team. Primed with black. They are actually casted in blue plastic, that looked abit funky... On the right edge you can see the mini on the classic base... and old paint job. More to come soon, I hope. Bye now!