17 Mar 2012

Old miniature box discovery

Hi there! I just have to briefly post about an old mini box that I found. I thought these minis were long gone :) Theyre mostly old Grenadier minis, about 1986, when I started with the hobby. They were mostly to use with Rune Quest... the first RPG that we ever played. Then there´s some old Warhammer minis, that came along little later. But here´s the pics.

Here´s some Grenadier Dwarfs. I was a brilliant painter back then I see... :D I´m pretty sure I was eleven years old when I painted these... The Dwarf on the right with the staff (that used to be a spear I think) was the first mini ever, that I have painted. I remember painting it at my friends house, for he had some miniature paints, that I had never even heard of...  

And here´s some Grenadier Orcs. Behold the highly realistic blood stains on some of the Orc´s weapons :) I really like the Orc with sword and shield doing the Conan pose... It would be great to repaint these minis, but I kind of like to see my old painting job. It brings back memories.

Here´s some Grenadier Adventurers and Dungeon creatures. I remember being very proud of the paint job on the middle swordman with the shield... that has some kind of weird bird design... :o The Minotaur on the right was painted by my older sister.

I don´t remember ever having a Warhammer Dwarf army, but I found these anyways. I like that Troll Slayer with two axes, making a "war face"... I could repaint these.

These are actually not that old... The drunken Dwarfs. I remember getting these as a birthday present from old an friend few years ago.  I just have to paint these! They could be cool as a part of Blood Bowl audience (or assistant coaches). That´s all folks... Bye now!

12 Mar 2012

Purchase of the week: Pathfinder

Hi there! I wandered to the local gaming shop yesterday to kill some time... (didn´t plan to spend any money) Going through a vast amount of board games and RPG´s I got a cool looking box in my hand. Brilliantly painted art cover: In a middle of ancient ruins, there´s a dragon on a pile of gold and magical treasures, few heroes desperately trying to slay it with spells and blades, hopeing to collect the loot... Not very original in the field of fantasy RPG covers...

 No, it wasn´t this Larry Elmores classic cover of the game that got me started in the hobby :) But I really got my nostalgic gear going on when I looked at this box...

Pathfinder... Ok, I´ve heard of this... It´s that most playtested and praised RPG in the world with old D&D system. Well nowadays, being almost forty, I like darker and more complicated games, not some juvenile dungeon bashing action, with healing potions and trap doors, in search of treasures and fame... Errr... wait a minute. I´ve been hosting some Descent sessions for almost a year now, and we´ve had some great times with that door breaking, head bashing, loot collecting, dungeon action board game. So, could this be a logical step thinking about life after Descent..? I dunno, but I grabbed my wallet, and payed the price...

After reading the rule books for a while, I got a smile in my face (in a good way), for they really got me back in the good old  D&D days...and I was very pleased about the high quality stuff found inside. This is from Paizo´s site... what´s inside. (Old news for most of you out there...:))

  • 64-page Hero's Handbook, detailing character creation, spells, equipment, and general rules for playing the game
  • 96-page Game Master's Guide packed with adventures, monsters, magical treasures, and advice on how to narrate the game and control the challenges faced by the heroes
  • A complete set of 7 high-impact polyhedral dice
  • More than 80 full-color pawns depicting tons of heroes, monsters, and even a fearsome black dragon
  • Four pregenerated character sheets to throw you right into the action
  • Four blank character sheets to record the statistics and deeds of your custom-made hero
  • A durable, reusable, double-sided Flip-Mat play surface that works with any kind of marker

Pics of the Flip-Mat...

Starting adventure map on the other side... maybe I could use my Descent floor tiles instead :)

I´m not gonna give my review of the game here, for there´s hundreads of them in the internet. This was just me reasoning for myself, why I spent some money again on the gameing hobby... And why I´m gonna spend some more for the 576 pages Core Rule Book, 328 pages Bestiary, The Inner Sea World Guide, Game Mastery Guide, Advanced Players Guide, Bestiary 2, Bestiary 3... Ultimate Combat... ... ... Wife took my wallet... Bye now!

4 Mar 2012

Spear Chukka´s done!

Allrighty then... I finally managed to do the basing for the Chukka´s. Basic stuff... I used some cork and Army Painter range basing bitz... Grave yard earth for primer, wash with badab black, then some dry brushing with Bleached Bone. Finally some thin line high lighting on the edge of the stones with same Bleached Bone... and after painting I glued  some Army Painters "dead grass" turf, mixed with Mordheim turf. Mushrooms were taken from older Night Goblin regiment box. There you have it :) On with the pics...

Some really old Orc huts on the background there... I took them from my friends house, meaning to update them abit :) Add some bitz and do some repainting.

Side ways...

And as you can see... I can still adjust the Spear Chukka´s for short and long range shots, even after painting :D Hooray!

I took one shot of all my painted warmachines at the moment... (if Pump Wagon counts as one... I think so) Dwarf Lobba allready has the crew painted (It´s not just the lonely snotling on top of it), but the Chukka´s are still missing them. That´s twelve Gobbos all together. Better  get started... Bye now!