26 Mar 2017

Blood Bowl Daemonettes

Hello there! Just a quick posting this time, to show what's on the table...

I was asked to paint these slightly converted GW Daemonettes for Blood Bowl use. I was told that they were going to be used as proxy Wood Elves team... But could be used as unofficial "Daemons of Slaanesh Team" found on the FUMBBL league.

Here's two throwers (#1 and 2), one catcher (#3) and linewomen (#5,6 and 7). More to come soon!

19 Mar 2017

GW 1988: Blood Bowl Referee

Hello there! Just fast painted this old classic Referee for our Blood Bowl league... Now we have someone to tie up with ropes in our semifinals... :)

"Come over here..!"

"I have a little surprise for ya..."

14 Mar 2017

Old Western Stagecoach

Hello there! Just finished another miniature for Legends of the Old West. Here's the Old Western Stagecoach from Dixon Miniatures...

Horses and stagecoach are from lead free pewter, so this whole thing weights  quite alot... :)

It was quite a challenge to paint heavy and soft pewter, for I have been into plastics for a long time now, but in the end, the metal miniatures painted up really nicely and I'm happy with the result...

"Stand and deliver..! I want you to hand over all the lupins you've got!"

Bye now!