30 Sept 2012

Goblin Shaman Wolf Rider

Finally got this one assembled... It´s from Game Zone miniatures range. I think it´s cool with the howling wolf and all!

And it even fits nicely in the unit... even with that posing :) Sorry about bad quality pics :(

And here´s the latest hobby project. Scenery piece made by my six years old son.... I helped a little to glue some sand on it. Then he painted it up nicely with he´s sister (five years:).

Then we added some grass. Before the glue had the time to dry... it was already in action. Indians making a surprise attack on posse of gun slingers. Bang Bang!!!

28 Sept 2012

Blood on the kitchen table..!

Hello! We had a battle of "Blood in the Badlands" today... and we played for the first time at our new apartment. I set up the game on our kitchen table.

I had very little scenery at hand so I had to use whatever I found quickly :)

My Descent board game scenery props... setup in a square formation to mark as a difficult terrain.

Old cardboard building, that came with the Warhammer box (in edition Idunno), spiced with some more of my Descent board game scenery props...

And a sugar on top, some self made, below average quality woods...

But the game itself was hard as a rock this time... I had boasted my 1500pts almost entirely in three expensive units. Orc big 'uns, Night Gobbos and Savage Boar Boyz, with all goodies and gadgets. Well, In addition I had my trusty Giant, four Chukka's and two Pump wankers... ... ... I ment wagons!
In the pic above  you can see the deployment in it's all glory. Sneaky Git of Eight Peaks leading the Goblin horde as my army General. I really couldn´t see the forest from the trees in the deployment, for the Wood Elfs had four units of Dryads and one massive block of Treekin... AND they had +250pts in the list and Hatred against me from the Campaign plots. I wasn't wery Waaaghy at this point.

And this is where it all ended. Dryads advanced through the battlefield ripping every greenskin apart they could catch on the right flank of the table... I was left with none alive. My giant fell on two sky darkening volleys of elven arrows. Savage Boar Boyz managed to chop and burn the scary block of Treekin with a little help of the "Banner of Eternal Flame"... And then got flanked by two units of Dryads with "hatred", who showed no mercy...

In the meanwhile, Sneaky Git of Eight Peaks advanced stoicly through the middle field, in "soft" cover of Bad Moon Banner... taking massive hails of Wood Elf arrows every turn. After a hard battle with Wardancers, Sneaky Git finally faced he´s primary target, the "stinky" Elven noble and he´s bowmen in turn five... with only ten gobbo´s left from he´s original horde of fourty spears..! Sneaky Git charged! In the fear of losing he´s head to Git's great axe, and Big'uns flanking from the left side of the battle field, The Wood Elf Noble fled of the table, saving he´s life. Fight another day... right?!

That decision won me the game, roughly by 600pts. I didn't see that coming at round four, with almost all my units perished... Incredible turn of the tide, and really exciting game!

24 Sept 2012

Dark Vengeance Bikers

Just had to make a quick posting... The new Dark Vengeance bikers are just über cool! I assembled these two today, and put them on my new Micro Art Studios "Ruins Bike Bases"... Wroooom baby!

23 Sept 2012

Jungle Terrain hobby therapy...

Renovation still going on in our new apartment... so there´s not much time for hobby. But as I was puttin my hobby stuff and minis back to their places, I got a piece of inspirational poly-urethane in my hand, that had a rough sculptin going on... looked like a rock, or cliff, or sumthin... I had paints and stuff in the same box, so I took myself one quality hour for hobby :)

I used my acrylic paints to give it a layer of Raw Umber. I didn´t even bother to glue any sand on it first... wich I would normaly do for sure. I was just interested to try and paint some brown colored stone, for I allways paint my stone scenery in grey colors.

Five minute high lights here... just adding white to Raw Umber. Two different layers.

Well... at this point, digging deeper to the cardboard box of hobby scenery stuff, I discovered my cork sheets. I shred some of the stuff to smaller pieces and glued them on top of the "cliff". No time for reasonable composition... :)

The glue didn´t have the time to dry... before I painted the cork parts and added some turf and static grass.

I have collected many different plastic plants over the years, and happened to find plenty in the box...  They gave me a jungle fever at this point. Took some small nails from my toolbox to give the jungle plants a fast rooting...

And in a few moments they were growing pretty well... I covered the nails with glue and small pieces of plants. Not my best work in scenery field, but fastest ever. Most important, it was much needed hobby therapy for me in a middle of this renovateing chaos! (I should have glued some sand on it, right?... Crap!:) Thanx and bye for now!

18 Sept 2012

Descent miniatures: Dark Priest WIP

Here´s a pic of the Descent Dark Priest minis, that I started painting for a while ago... At this point I´ve done the base color, wash and few high lights on the robes. Still work to be done with them.

Have to say, that these are the first Descent minis that dissapoint me abit. So far the games miniatures that I´ve painted have been pretty good quality for a board game standard, but these fellows were actually missing parts and details because of poor casting... only two of them had all the parts in place. Well, shouldn´t whine I guess... they´re cheep and plenty in the box :) I just hope the rest of the Descent minis turn out to be ok. Bye now!

1 Sept 2012

Dark Vengeance, Limited Edition and other stuff...

Just got my own copy this morning... and had to put few pics here. I bought it with my  friend, who got the Chaos bitz, markers and templates, so I dont have the pics of the Chaos Marine minis. I got the Angels and rulebook... and stuff.

The minis are just fantastic. The posings, details and overall 40k coolness with bikes and all...almost puts tears in my hobby veteran eyes :) Good job!

Minis are plenty I think... and I feel I got my moneys worth.

Here´s the Dark Vengeance introduction book... six missions introducing the new rules, plus fluff and stuff :). And assembly manual for the new minis.

The small rulebook and some reference booklets... and rules for Chaplain Seraphicus! Small rulebook is also in full color, for my surprise... Looks really cool. Still I´m thinking I should get the "big daddy" book at some poit, when I got 60€ to spend.

With "other stuff" in the header, I ment these blisters I ordered from Micro Art Studio, and got them today. Really good looking sculpting with low price :) These skull bases are going for Descent and RPG use.

These are for 40K use... Some Ruins Bike Bases (for my new Dark Vengeance bikers) and Crusader Legs for older Terminators.

Here´s some "Spooky Bases", also for Descent and RPG use. Now I just need some painting time... and ofcourse some gaming time to test the new 40K rules with cool new minis.

 Untill next time... Over and Out!