25 Nov 2017

Necromunda, Early Christmas

Hi there! Just opened my copy of the new Necromunda... It's awesome!

I also picked up the Gang War supplement... So I get to make my own gang and play as 3D.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to play the "boardgame version" at the local game shop. It was really nice, brutal and fast paced action. The core rules can be learned in minutes, if you have little bit of war gaming / WH40k  background :) 
I realized quite fast the difference between house Goliath and house Escher. I hope the contrast with the new upcoming gangs will be as notable.

Can't wait to make my own gang and get those miniatures on the painting table... Still few other projects in the way :) Bye now!

20 Nov 2017

TMNT-Shadows of the Past, More Miniatures

I got some some "board game quality painting" done... This punch of bad guys were really nice to paint. Only problem was the purple color of the Foot Clan. With Army Painters "Alien Purple" it took quite many layers to cover...

Street Thugs...

Foot Clan Ninjas and Foot Elite

Few more Mousers...

Bebop and Rocksteady. Bye now!

1 Oct 2017

Dark Elves: Black Guard, First Rank Painted

Hi there! One of my new projects is the Dark Elves army for WH-Fantasy Battle. Previously posted Harpies were part of them.
 For the Black Guards I was trying to create a rich and interesting color palette, and with that an "old schoolish" feeling to the paint job... Well, the result was like this.

I think the green and purple are good together... And the turquoise goes nicely there too.
The high lights are over done again, as usual in my paintings, but in my theory that makes the army pop up better from the battle table :)

More coming soon... Bye now!

27 Sept 2017

Blood Bowl: High Elf Team Finished

Hello! Here's the starting lineup of my League Team "Sarathai Bloods". Eleven High Elves ready to rumble...

Closer look of the Catchers and the Thrower...

There's also two Blitzers in the lineup...

and six Linemen. More players to come on the painting table, if I have the luxury of making enough cash in the league to buy them... :)

18 Sept 2017

Waywatcher Lord (GW) for GURPS

Hi there! Just a quick, one miniature posting... Got this done for a mate, to be used in their ongoing GURPS-campaign. It's a some kind of assassin I think :)

Bye now..!

28 Aug 2017

Blood Bowl: New Season, New Team

Hello there! Here's the first pics of my new High Elf Team: Sarathai Bloods.
 Last season with Dwarfs (Miners United) was ok, but I didn't make it to the Semi-finals :( ... I got close anyway :) So this season I wanna try out something completely differrent. Fast pace runnig and throwing game, and avoiding contact... Well, here's the pics.

First five Players ready to rumble! They are all made out of Fantasy Battle Spearmen... except the thrower who used to be FB-Archer champion.

Runners... to represent their lower Armour Value (7), I chose to use the heads without helmets.

Thrower came out really cool... The ball is from greenstuff.

Blitzers... I added a white crest  on their helmets.

NMM is not my speciality, but I like the "gold effect" on this one :)

Finally a Lineman. I made the "face mask" from wire...

27 Aug 2017

Painted Metal Harpies

Hello there! Here's some painted Harpies, which are a beginning of a rather large WH Fantasy Battle Dark Elf army that I got in my hands...

I'm aiming at tabletop standard with all the Darkies... With harpies the base is just three layers of Citadel snow, for I have to have a fast pattern for basing. Looks Ok from a distance :D With heroes I'm gonna add something up...

13 Aug 2017

Some Blood Bowl Drawings

Hello! My paint brush is working hard, but I have no time for posting at the time... :( I'll try to blog some of the painted minis soon...

But in the meanwhile, here's some drawings I made during our Blood Bowl league (Blood Bowl in the Badlands), that has come to the bronze and final game now... And next round with DZ1 and DZ2  is starting soon. We have our own league blog in here, but it's in Finnish. Really funny game reports there. I recommend if you can handle the language :)

Well... Here's the pics.

Ostermark Sunbros wandering in the Badlands, searching for the next opponent...

Wood Elves are freaking hard to hold still...

Introducing the drunken punch of "Miners United"...

Skavens steal the ball...

Well... there has to be some rules, right?  In your face :)

Again... those freaking slippery War Dancers. I hate them..!

World Edge Ogressors vs Miners United...

Sturm the Stomper ramming through the Ogre defence line...

Chaos vs Halflings. It's just wrong man...

I failed the catch-roll with Dwarfs four times in a row...  Classic!

Wood Elf defence in trouble...

Goblin's Kodak moment in the TD-line... (Just need that 5+ to catch)

Bye now!

11 Jul 2017

Serpents of Hellfire: Razorback

Finally finished this Razorback transport for my Veteran Squad...

Here's the Veteran Squad in some disembark action. Bye now!

3 Jul 2017

TMNT-Shadows of the Past: Kevin Eastman variant Turtles

Hello there! Some more Turtles and Mousers done!

More soon... Bye now!

8 Jun 2017

TMNT - Shadows of the Past: Bebop and Rocksteady Human Forms

Hello there! Just got these two villains painted. It was fun to color these up, and the result is nice!

Next I'm gonna finish up another punch of Mousers, and then I'll start with the four Kevin Eastman variant Turtles... More soon, Bye!

6 Jun 2017

TMNT - Shadows of the Past: Shredder

Hello! Here's some TMNT action again... Master Shredder!

This one painted up nicely. There was no unnecessary details on the Shredder. The scale of the mini on the other hand is huge compaired to the other minis in the box... Well, evil bosses are supposed to be big :)

Bebop human form coming up next... Bye now!

3 Jun 2017

Bloodwrack Medusa

Here's the latest thing done... Next is the Turtles!

Bye now!

29 May 2017

Some Fantasy Battle Monsters

Hello there! It's been awhile again since my last posting, but I've been busy with painting anyways...

Here's some monsters (and large monsters :) that I was asked to paint. They are going for some Fantasy Battle Tournament.

Here's a Guardian of the Deepwood...

This  one is a rather large creature... and I don't know it's origins :) But it's cool!

Some kind of undead Unicorn...

And finally an angry big boar...

I added some green "forest glow" to every miniature, to bind them together in a same theme... for they are all kind of forest spirits in the armylist, that combines Wood Elves and Beastmen. I'd like to see that battle :)

More stuff posted soon... Bye now!