31 Mar 2010

Night Goblin Warg Riders

I was wondering the other night, what to do with my old, unopened Night Goblin regiment box... Since I bought two boxes of "Battle for Skull Pass", I´ve had a horde of cool looking new Night Goblins... and no use for the good old regiment box :(
Suddenly, when I was reading old issue of White Dwarf, the Lord of the Rings sections "Warg Riders" made me remember that I have no Goblin Wolf Riders in my Orcs and Goblins army...
I really like the sculpting job on Wargs... so I decided to buy one box and see how my Night Goblins would ride them. (And they would ride... with a price of 22,50 Euros for six Wargs)

On my way home from the gaming shop, I was still thinking if this was a good idea... I didn´t know if the Wargs were big enough... for I remembered that the LotR is in a smaller scale game :o
When I got home I noticed that my fear was unnecessary. After few minutes of repositioning of the Gobbos feet and arms it fitted on the Warg like a glove.

Then on the painting... This time I really decided to keep it fast. Black under coat for starters.
High lights on the Gobbos robe with mix of Enchanted blue and Black. Then new high light with previous mix and adding some white...

Gobbos leather clothing with Scorched Brown and high lights with Grave yard Earth. Another high lighting with previous mix, adding Bleached Bone...
Gobbos skin was first painted with Orkhide Shade. High light with Knarloc Green, and another with Gretchin Green. Teeth and nails with Bleached Bone.

Warg was painted with the same way as leather parts of the gobbo... except the face and feet were left black. Then the black parts were high lighted with Codex Grey and finally with Astronomican Grey.

In the shield I tried to get some pirate feeling... since it´s the theme of my Green Skin army :)

All this... Repositioning of the limbs, painting job and basing took me six hours..! That´s a New record for me. I really enjoyed fast painting, after endless hours of painting High Elves that are full of details. It´s not my best painting job, but I think it´s very rewarding to get something finished so fast...

Hope you like it :)

17 Mar 2010

Blood Bowl Miniatures, Miners United

After I found the Death Roller, that I wrote about in my last post, I just had to wipe the dust from my old Blood Bowl minis, and see how many are still unpainted... (six to go) And maybe I could give the painted ones some more high lights and details...

I took few pics from my Dwarf team, the "Miners United". They are all converted from really old Warhammer plastic miniatures from early 90´s. And the paint job is really old too :D

Only six painted so far... I have made the shoulder pads and some small armor plates to fists and boots from green stuff. Color theme is very simple. Clothes are red with some white stripes to make them look more sporty :) They all have a green scarf around the neck... maybe I could add a white stripe there too... And they all have the "MU" logo painted on left shoulder.

Troll Slayer has orange beard and the suitable hair style from green stuff. (Yes, there´s a hole in the top of the helmet specially made for the mohawk hairdo. It´s a standard Troll Slayer pattern :) I bent the horns little bit to make him look wackier... or just plain silly :) And I tried to paint the face a bit berserk manner. Runner has wings in the helmet, to make him run faster... They´re from High Elves bits.

Long Beards have no convertions... except the green stuff shoulder pads and steel plates on boots.
The Blitzers are funny looking ones... I gave them spikes on the back of the hand, and to the shoulders. The goggles are made of small bits from Space Marine backpacks. I just cut off the nozzles and glued them on... A bit of the "Salute of the Juggers" feeling in them... I think :)

I´ll get back with these, when I get the rest of the team painted :)

8 Mar 2010

Blood Bowl Death Roller & other stuff

Hello! In earlier posts I told how I managed to get some Old school miniature stuff in my hands, when an old collector decided to get rid of his whole collection of minis over the years... Well here´s couple of other treasures that I purchased from him...

I don´t know in what year this mini was released, but I know that I haven´t seen this in our local gaming shops assortment for a while :) It´s an actual Dwarf Death Roller... It was the only thing missing my Dwarf Blood Bowl team. And it really fits my team, for I have converted all the teams players from the first plastic Warhammer FB minis from the late 80´s (or was it the early 90´s? I´m so old I cant remeber:). The "Roller" must be from about the same period of time..!?

And here´s something from about the same period of good old times... when the ships were wood and men were iron...

Ten pieces of oldies Warhammer 40K plastic Dwarfs..! I just had to have them, even when I had no idea what to do with them (I have no 40K Dwarf army)... Later I decided that I´m going to convert them to Scouts for my Serpents of Hellfire Space marine army :)

Here´s one sample "Ratling Scout with sniper"...

And yes... the pictures suck again! Sorry for that. I even bought a new camera, but I´m an ass and can´t use it properly yet... and too lazy to read the darn manual :D

But when I get around to it... I´ll promise you a whole new era of miniature photography (not)