26 Sept 2011

Descent Miniatures: Painting the Sorcerers robe

Hello!  I started to work on the rest of the Descent Sorcerers, and this time around I remembered to take some pics too. Theyre not finished yet, but heres what I´ve done so far...

I started with the robes. Three layers of Warlock Purple on each mini. It was quite fast with a large brush. I painted the belt and the knee showing under the robe with Codex Grey. Sorcerers staff was painted with Boltgun Metal. 

Then I gave the minis a heavy wash of Badab Black.

Heres the first high light with plain Warlock Purple.

Second highlight with about 1:5 Skull White and Warlock Purple.

On the third high light I carefully added some Skull White to the previous mix. 

On the fourth and last high light I used Vallejos Squid Pink right out of the bottle... I guess I would have the same result with adding white to the previous mix, but it dried out, and I thought  I´d save some time this way :)  Last high light was really just adding some little dots of paint to the highest points of the robe... I´ll be back with these later...  when I get something done :) Bye now!

24 Sept 2011

Descent Miniatures: Sorcerers

Last night, instead of basing the Skeletons, I started to clean up the Sorcerers. The minis looked so nice and simple, that I just had to paint one right away...and couldn´t stop untill it was finished :o  There´s no WIP-pics, for I was too eager to see the mini painted. Sorry!

Most of the miniature is covered by the Sorcerers robe, so that´s where I put most of the time and effort. After black under coat, I painted three layers of Warlock Purple on the robe. Then I washed it quite heavily with Badab Black. Then I high lighted it with four differrent layers of Warlock Purple, always adding little bit of white in the mix, leaving the previous layer to show little bit...  On the rest of the mini I used very simple palette, mostly black and dark grey on the clothing, for I wanted the robe to be in the main part.

Same mini from behind... I´ll try to remember the WIP-pics with the next ones :) Bye now!

23 Sept 2011

Descent Miniatures: Skeletons

I finally got the skeletons to the painting table. Now they are finished, except the bases, wich I´ll try to paint later this week... Here´s few pics.

Here´s a groop shot. I made three different color themes for them. The ones with the red robes (and a red base edge) are the "Master Skeletons" in game terms... so theyre little tougher to bring down.

Here are the green ones. Personally I like this color theme the most. It makes the clothes look old and raggedy...

Here you can see the difference in painting techniques I used... The skeleton in the right is the first one I painted. I used only wash over Bleached Bone... and then high lighting. I didn´t like it much, cause the bones didn´t show enough. For the rest of the skellies, I painted the minis dark brown before painting each bone separately with Bleached Bone. Then I washed with Gryphonne Sepia, and highlighted again with B-Bone, and finally with Skull White. For that reason these guys were not so fast to paint.

Blue color theme was nice too. I was going for little bit of Tomb Kings feeling with the blue and gold paint :) I´ll be back with these when I get the bases done... Bye!

21 Sept 2011

Hobgoblin Rocket Crew

Here´s one old blister I found from cupboard.  Package says it´s from 1992, and I tought, "well, it´s not that old, that´s almost yesterday". Then I counted backwards... "Damn! It´s almost 20 years!!!     I´m getting old!  Well... Can´t help it.

Anyways... I had an idea to convert this to a Goblin Doom Diver Crew. Make a nasty little gobbo with flyerboy hat and goggles sitting on a rocket... But then I started to search the internet about current price for this blister... Couldn´t find any hits. Anybody now if this is worth anything??? Would be nice to know before I rip it open :) I´ll continue searching... Bye!

17 Sept 2011

Descent Miniatures and other stuff

Hello! Some time has passed since my last posting. Mostly cause it´s been quiet with the Space Marine Project, since Pan Vision put the painting project on ice some time ago, (for reasons unknown to me) but I hope it will continue as planned later :) I worked with the Black templars and Ultra Marines for a while before the halt, and I´ll post the pics at some point...

But here´s some things I´ve been working on in the mean while... 

Here´s my Karak Eight Peaks gobbo horde with Standard, Battle Standard, Great Shaman, Champion, and my "own version" of Skarsnik and Gobbla :) The base is right size... I just put a Gobbo champ with Squigling and a bigger Squig on the base... Worked fine! Of course there´s some netters too ( and fanatics hiding in the ranks :)) Unfortunately I only managed to paint two ranks before the campaign ended :(  Karak Eight Peaks was a great campaign to play, and the final battle with five armies (in our case) was huge mayhem, that took us whole day to fight through. And when the dust settled, my Green Skins were in strongest numbers on the table... We took some pictures of the battle, and I´ll post them later...

Then some Descent stuff...

We have been playing Descent for a little while now. First session with the basic rules of the starter box, and three latest games were all played with "Road to Legend" campaign system. I´ve been carrying a new expansion box to every session now... So there´s a LOT of stuff and minis to go around with. I decided to start painting the four Hero Minis, that he players have chosen to adventure with. Here´s few pics of the finished minis...

All four were really fast painted, (in my terms), in about three hours each.

Same dudes from behind...

And one shot from the higher ground to show the basing job... wich I´m quite happy with :)

Here´s some closer look to the mini and the "Hero Card". I tried to keep the colors little bit similar to the original pics in the cards... This is Battlemage Jaes. I made the light effect to the robe with dry brushing blue over the original purple color... Very simple stuff :)

Grey Ker... This was fun and easy to paint. Fortunately I painted the little bottles on the belt with the right colors too... cause they were the first thing the Grey Ker player checked (Pedantic Geek)...

Steel Horns was fast also. Not too many colors. I really like the green theme on the armour. I was thinkin to try it on my High Elves...

Spiritspeaker Mok.  Well... not so proud of this one. Instead of dry brushing I tried some "comic" style with the light effect here. And it didn´t work :(  I might paint this over later...)  But I think it´s still OK board game standard :)

That´s all for now... More later. Bye bye!