27 Dec 2015

Warhammer 40K 2nd Edition: Cardboard Scenery

Hi there! I hope this posting goes Ok! Blogger seems to be retarded somehow, and as a plus, it doesn't work with the Win10, that I unfortunately updated on my computer. So I can't comment any postings either!  Anyways... Some time ago I bought the WH40K 2nd edition box with 20€ from the wonder world of internet. It had all the thingis inside, except the rulebook (wich was ok with me).

Some bonus material was found, in form of some old Advanced Space Crusade stuff. There was even a bottle of super glue added, wich I was very pleased with :).

With additional 9€ spent, I got 30+ more Space Orks, so I had quite a collection of Orkz and Gretchins all of a sudden... I guess I have to buy the codex now, and start collectin space green skinz. This wasn't in my plans and I don't know why I got them... But I'm a hobbyist, and that's how it goes!

The coolest thing for me anyways, was the cardboard ruins scenery, that came with the box. I have allways loved this stuff. I know that the modern scenery pieces with superb casting job are really amazing, but there's something in the old school feeling of these cardboard art pieces that still warms my heart :)

I decided to hot glue them on pieces of cardboard that I cutted from thin stuff that I happened to have in stock.

Here they are after basing and sanding...

Twenty pieces of scenery in one starter box is not that bad...

And here's a bad picture of the finished product... (we have no light in Finland at the moment) I used some Shadow Grey on the base color, to match the color of the walls. And it's maybe more urban choise to brown earth. I don't know if I should paint the white parts on top of the card board with colors of the walls... Might be better looking. I'll be back with these later. Bye now!

25 Dec 2015

Forge World Preyton Painted

Hello! Just a quick update here... I'm still alive :) Commission Preyton painted. I'll be back soon with some 2nd edition 40K scenery... Bye now, and Merry Christmas to all readers!

29 Nov 2015

2,5D Dungeon: Basic set Done!

Hello there! In my little moment of precious hobby time,  I managed to finish my first set of Dungeon Blocks. Here's some pics...

Five floor sections, and 31 wall blocks... I have five more floors coming up, and also some curvy walls, hopefully soon.

Here's an fast example of the dungeon tiles in action...

Different angles and some props...

There you have it... More to come soon. Bye now!

8 Nov 2015

2,5D Dungeon: Square Blocks

Hello there! Just a quick update with my dungeon project... Here's some square blocks that I tried out.

Here's the idea... with these blocks I can give different shapes to rooms or use them in other ways.

Here we go... as with the "wall blocks", these were made from 18mm plywood. They were cut to 45mm x 45mm size. Then a thin piece of foam board was hotglued on top. I made some stone pattern on the foam with a pencil, then cut along the lines with carpet knife.

Here's the painted and "stamped" blocks ready for action...

I tried it out with a dungeon board. Room looks much more interresting with a little different shape. On the inner corner pieces could be some torches or lanterns... Have to make some now :)

Here's a wine cellar...

And with a little different props and minis... turned into a crypt.

Here the blocks are used as pillars in middle of the room... Ok there you have it. More to come soon :) Bye now..!

5 Nov 2015

2,5D Dungeon: The Walls

Hello! I found some time to craft "easy to make" walls for my Dungeon project. Here's how it went...

First I cut some pieces of plywood at my workplace... Three different lengths at first. If these turn out good, I'll be doing all kinds of wall bitz :) This is 18mm plywood cutted in 20mm wide slices.

Here's the idea where I'm aming at with finished and painted wall sections...

This is made with band sawing machine... at my workpalce again. Thin slice of insulation foam board. Kapa-board might work as well.

Here's a bad picture of the foam board sculpted as stone pattern... and attached to the plywood with some hotglue.

Next I primed the wall section with dark gray acryl mix. And carved a stamp with a carpet knife, for making tile pattern to the side of the wall... The same foam material used here.

Wall section painted from the top and stamped to all four sides... nice and fast.

I apply different tones of gray and browns to the stamp with a sponge, and press it on the wall. That's all...

Here's the first set of walls. Quite nice... And most important, did'nt take long to finish.

Here's some testing with the Dungeon Floor bitz.

Added some props and minis... A cell with goblin guardians.

A Wizards study... I think the blocks work out Ok, and I'm going to make some more now. I'll be back with these soon I hope. Bye now!

1 Nov 2015

Dungeon Floor Stamp: Getting a hang of it...

Ok... I was kindly adviced in my last postings comment, to make a jig out of Lego blocks. And so I did. I remember using them earlier in my "Red Baron Inn" assembly, but allready forgotten the genius of Lego :) So I got back to stamping...

Wit a corner piece jig, I managed to make the Dungeon floor go in a nice line... Then I jus stamped, stamped and stamped some more...

untill I got four new boards ready, and my stamp started to need some cleaning. At this point Im very happy with the results... These four boards came out very fast, maybe in some half an hour.

And here they are with some of my old wall pieces and props. Looking very Dungeon like allready... Next I'm gonna try out making some 2,5D Dungeon walls... Ispired by DM Scotty as well. Bye now!

31 Oct 2015

Dungeon Floor Stamp: Experimental...

Hello! It's been a while... I have been painting, but lazy at posting. This one I wanted to share anyways. The "dungeon floor stamp" is an idea from DM Scotty again, as in my earlier posting, with the "barrels from corrugated card board"... And I recommend again, to go and see he's brilliant ideas from youtube!!! Here's a link to he's 2,5D dungeon system starter video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG5x8yY48LM.

Here's how my floor turned out...

 First I divided a piece of foam board to 25mm sections... The piece itself is 125mm x 125mm large.

 Then I used a carpet knife to cut along the lines.

Next I cutted some stone patterns to the tiles... And the stamp is done!

Next I took some hard board pieces, that I got awailable for free... I cutted them in 30 x 25cm size.
I primed one of them with black and brown spray paint.

Here's my  palette for the stamp... I applied the paint to the stamp with a sponge.

And here's the results for my first stamping... As you can see I need some practise to find the right lines to press the stamp. Maybe I'll make some kind of liner tool for it... But still I'm pleased with the results..! It looks quite good, and I'm inspired to do some more. Stamp itself is easy to clean with warm water and a brush. I'll be back with this later. Bye now!

3 Oct 2015

Arachnarok Spider: WIP

Hello! As I mentioned in my last posting, I'm getting prepaired for a massive "final battle" of our Blood in the Badlands campaign. Part of that is getting my Arachnarok Spider painted. Here's what I've achieved so far...

I chose the color theme to be same as with my Forest Goblin Spider Riders...

Here's another shot from a different angle... Ok, back to painting. Bye now!

26 Sept 2015

Miners United: Two more Blockers done!

Hi there! Now with two more blockers done, the team is almost ready, with only the Death Roller unpainted. Well... I'm gonna repaint the other six players that have an older paint coat, when I got the time. But now there's a massive final FaBa-campaign battle coming, and I have to put my attention to my dear Arachnarok Spider... Well here's a happy group shot of the team!

Two latest Blockers are on the left fank... numbers five and six. You can see the difference in the painting era, when you compare the left six Dwarfs to the ones on the right :) And now it really shows the importance of the colored rings on the bases. I think they will clarify the chaos on the field for the opponent and myself. Bye now!

23 Sept 2015

Long Lost Treasures Found..!

Hi there! Spend an evening at my friends place, where he has storaged some of our old minis, from the time we started the hobby. I was glad to find some of my old Orcs & Goblins stuff there... I thought I'll share the fun... here's the pics of the treasures :)

First some Savage Orcs. I still remember painting these long time ago (So long time ago...)... But can't figure out why I chose to paint the Savages with brown color. Was it in fashion at the time, or is this just my own strange choise of color..? Can't say.

Here's some Black Orcs and Boyz with crossbows... One with a round base. Why?

Finding these made me very happy indeed... My old white plastic boyz. I remember being very proud of painting the "detail" on one of the orc's head... War paint or something. So cool!

Some of my old Gobbo archers too... I use to have at least twenty, but this is a good start. I have to get more of these... Ebay, here I come :)

My friend threw me with these also... Nine Empire Halberdiers. Now I can finally make a full unit of these, with the ones I allready have.

There was other stuff too, but none of them as old as these... so won't post the pics of those. Anyway, this is a good start for an Oldhammer Greenskin army :) I'm excited. Bye now!