5 Nov 2015

2,5D Dungeon: The Walls

Hello! I found some time to craft "easy to make" walls for my Dungeon project. Here's how it went...

First I cut some pieces of plywood at my workplace... Three different lengths at first. If these turn out good, I'll be doing all kinds of wall bitz :) This is 18mm plywood cutted in 20mm wide slices.

Here's the idea where I'm aming at with finished and painted wall sections...

This is made with band sawing machine... at my workpalce again. Thin slice of insulation foam board. Kapa-board might work as well.

Here's a bad picture of the foam board sculpted as stone pattern... and attached to the plywood with some hotglue.

Next I primed the wall section with dark gray acryl mix. And carved a stamp with a carpet knife, for making tile pattern to the side of the wall... The same foam material used here.

Wall section painted from the top and stamped to all four sides... nice and fast.

I apply different tones of gray and browns to the stamp with a sponge, and press it on the wall. That's all...

Here's the first set of walls. Quite nice... And most important, did'nt take long to finish.

Here's some testing with the Dungeon Floor bitz.

Added some props and minis... A cell with goblin guardians.

A Wizards study... I think the blocks work out Ok, and I'm going to make some more now. I'll be back with these soon I hope. Bye now!