8 Nov 2015

2,5D Dungeon: Square Blocks

Hello there! Just a quick update with my dungeon project... Here's some square blocks that I tried out.

Here's the idea... with these blocks I can give different shapes to rooms or use them in other ways.

Here we go... as with the "wall blocks", these were made from 18mm plywood. They were cut to 45mm x 45mm size. Then a thin piece of foam board was hotglued on top. I made some stone pattern on the foam with a pencil, then cut along the lines with carpet knife.

Here's the painted and "stamped" blocks ready for action...

I tried it out with a dungeon board. Room looks much more interresting with a little different shape. On the inner corner pieces could be some torches or lanterns... Have to make some now :)

Here's a wine cellar...

And with a little different props and minis... turned into a crypt.

Here the blocks are used as pillars in middle of the room... Ok there you have it. More to come soon :) Bye now..!


  1. Looks good. The way the wall blocks are so short, reminds me a bit of some pixel art tiles in some roguelikes. Nothing comes to mind per se, but im sure ive seen somewhat similar done in a roguelike, somewhere (or it might have been a mock up)... Also, i bet the fact the walls are so short, makes moving the miniatures a lot easier :D


    Actually i was feeling the need to find a drawing buddy. Im always jealous when i hear of how other artists are having weekly or biweekly drawing meetups (for example, google "subway sketch group").

    And so I tried several times to get the people from the local comic book club (some comic book artists are there) to have similar kind of sketch group meetups and draw as a group. Even if it was only monthly.
    One time they briefly considered it, but not long after that, one of the comic book artists said that rather than drawing it would be more fun to drink spirits. And from there the conversation drifted to different kinds of alcohol, i eventually gave up and left...

    Next i tried to gather people at ConceptArt.org, but again no luck.

    Then about couple years ago (in the summer) i thought that if i just go and sit on the riverside and draw. Then maybe somebody who also likes to draw would maybe stop and strike a conversation. And i would ask if they would like to meet up next time and draw together..
    But i was naive. Finnish people being what they are, nobody ever stopped for a conversation. I dont know if it was because nobody that is interested in drawing walked by, or if the people were afraid to talk me. Okay, i lied, there were some people who talked to me, but they were all hobos! D:

    Then today, like i do every few years, i searched you on the internet. Its sad to say this, but to this day you are the only one i know that draws scifi/fantasy stuff (the guys from the comic book club dont count, i never actually saw any of them draw. They would just occasionally bring to show their drawings that they did at home). So anyways, i was happy i finally found you! Its been what, almost 15 years?
    Well i wanted to ask, if we could some day meet up somewhere and draw? Maybe somewhere where passerbyers could stop by and chat. Not that it would likely happen, but i can always hope?
    Hmm, the only places i can think of are Hansa and maybe the main library. But then again, i am a lonely hermit and i have no idea what would be the best places for a sketching group in this town.

    Oh and If you know anybody else that draws it would be awesome :D

    ...been wanting to have some kind of sketch group here in Turku for over 10 years :(

    PS: You are Jon Fredriksson, right? :S

  2. It's me Ok, Mister Xenos I suppose..? We'll have a try at that. You can write me to: fredriksson.jon(at)gmail.com
    Continue from there...Ok ;) I checked your art... Really good stuff man!