27 Feb 2015

Ruins Done!

Finally got this scenery piece painted! Here's some pics.

Painting was pretty easy going job. Just few shades of gray on different layers. I decided to paint some cracks on the wall, and I think it was worth it. It improved the ruiny feeling... :)

Here's a darn flashy picture (sorry) with a Pathfinder flipmat  and some minis. Heroes are hiding on the second floor from a O&G patrol...

It was a nice little project, and I feel I could do more of these... Not aiming for Mordheim, but for RPG use, few more would make a nice set. Bye now!

22 Feb 2015

Ruins, WIP

I got bitten by a wargame terrain bug, and here's what it made me do... Damned!

I made the frames from plywood, to give the scenery piece some durability (now my kids can play with it too :)

Glued together...

I decided to add two 2nd floor pieces from kapa board.

I added some tiles and floor boards...

on both sides.

Then some sand to break the plywood surface abit. Next some painting to come. Bye now!

10 Feb 2015

Descent Miniatures: Merriod, and a Watery Base

Another Descent miniature painted. I'm thinking painting my second Merriod with purple theme...  Hopefully soon. Here's some pics.

The "coming out of water" base was fun to paint. I'm glad I gave it a try...

Yet... I'm not painting the "watery base" for the other Merriod. Takes too freaking long :) Bye now!

1 Feb 2015

Descent Miniatures: Merriod WIP

Hi there! Here's something I'm working on at the moment. I got inspiration to get back with my Descent minis, as I purchased the "Shadow of Nerekhall" expansion for my Descent 2nd edition. So I got lots of new monster and hero minis, and of course, loads of props and dungeon floortiles...

I like this mini... Shark with tentacles, and can walk on ground too. Hooray high fantasy :) I think this is gonna be used in Pathfinder too. Jumping up from a underground lake...