26 Jun 2011

How to make a Cyborg...

And now, something completely different... The biggest mini I´ve ever painted ( and sculpted ). This time I decided to post about something interresting, that´s going on at my workplace. I work at the City Theater as a metal and wood artisan... mostly building scenery for the plays. So...We have this Sci-fi (kind of) play coming at fall, and the set designer gave me an iterresting project to work with... "Build a real size cyborg marionette, that looks like it has been few decades at the bottom of the sea..." She gave me quite free hands to work with it. So I just started to draw pictures, and cut and weld some recycled metal pieces I found from the theater carage and at my workshop. I took little pieces from dumped computers and all the crap that looked like... a part of cyborg. I also cut a piece from a mannekin dummy to build the boobs :) Here´s few pics...

 Working on a spine and arms... I tried to make the joints move like real arms do. Plastic hands are from old life support dummy. Some pieces of arms are from cleaners old extending mop.

I hammered some iron bars agains the anvil abit... made good ribs. Also working on the wrist joints...

Workin with the head here... The mask was made by our "wizards of all things" department... It´s made on a mold of one of our actors face, and I think it looks great. Reminds me of Halloween movies abit :) I just sculpted some foam bits and hotglued them on a styrofoam head. And then added in lots of recycling crap and old power cords.

I added some cloth and lots of smaller details on the body... and finished the arms.

Welded the legs together from scrap metal... Joints also work in the legs. They move pretty much like the real thing. This is "I gotta go to the toilet" posing, I guess...

In this picture the metalworks of the Cyborg is quite ready, and I have made some painting experiments on it... I´m going to add some more "sea bottom crap" on it, and paint it again... this is just experimental paintjob.  Cyborg has a history of many employments... one of them as a crash test dummy. Thats why the logo on the hand and sholder.

Close up of the unfinished paint job... :) Black undercoat (with some saw dust, sand and carpet glue in it), then few different browns to build a rust effect on...

Close up on the chest details... the rusted plates on shoulders and sides are made of pieces of leather. I just hot glued them on the dummy, and added some rivets on them.

That´s all I got this time... I get back with the Cyborg project after the summer, because I have other projects under construction at this point, and the Cyborg is at the street level window of our theater all summer, so I cant get my hands on it now... :(  If you visit here at summer time, go and see her :)  Bye now!

8 Jun 2011


Hello! Correction to my last posting... Space Wolves, Black Templars, Iron Warriors and Emperors Children are the only Chapters that comes with the Pre-Order Pack Download code... There´s not gonna be some mysterious extra chapters... :( Darn... Sorry bout that!

"Heretic! I will punish you for giving false information to the Emperor"!!!

7 Jun 2011

Space Marine is coming!

Get ready for the Emperors wrath... The 3rd person 40K mayhem is gonna be released at 9.9.2011  for PC, Xbox360 and PS3... I had the privilege to see the game in action few weeks ago at Pan Vision… And it was amazing! The action was intense and brutal, the world of 40K looked just like it should (in my eyes anyway :), and most important, the weapons were devastating and sounded cool!!! Now I just have to buy a new computer to play it with the full gore goodies :D (And I will)

I also heard some Space Marine news… (Yesterdays news by now, but I´ll tell them anyway :) With the Pre-Orer Pack you´ll get some cool skins (Power Armours) of Space Wolves, Black Templar, Iron Warriors and Emperors Children. With the Pack comes also some kind of “Elite Armour Download code”, that gives you two more armours for Space Marines and Chaos Marines..! I don´t know the chapters yet, but I´ll post them when I get some information about it.

Space Marine Collectors Edition is really cool! It comes with Space Marine game, Hard cover 40K-art book, the original Sound track CD, Space Marine character cards, and… 20cm long, magnetized Purity Seal!!! (That´s gonna look cool on my car)…

I  have a reason to be particularly excited about this release… I get to paint some 40K miniatures for a good cause again! Pan Vision and Game Reactor Magazine are throwing in a Draw in Scandinavia (All countries are not locked yet)… Just like there was with Dawn of War 2 Retribution. There´s gonna be some miniature and game prizes! (More details about those later) I´ll paint some Ultra Marines, Space Wolves, Black Templars, Iron Warriors, Emperors Children... and maybe one more Chaos Marines chapter, that THQ and Relic haven´t announced yet ;) So there´s lots of research to do for me, to learn the tricks of painting those chapters. I´ll start with visiting the hundreads of talented 40K hobbyists on the Blogisphere...

Right now, I dont have the patience to wait for the "prize miniatures" Drop Pod to land at my door steps... So I think I´ll go and kitbash some bad ass Marines from my own stockyard...(And put all other projects on hold... again :)

Here´s some links too if you want to learn more about the game... http://www.spacemarine.com/gb
and for Pan Vision Finland pages. I´ll be back with some news, and most importantly, with the WIP-pictures of the minis :) Bye for now!

4 Jun 2011

Skeleton experiment

Just a quick WIP-posting about Descent skeletons I´m working on... These bony fellas aren´t so fast to paint than the previous beastmen were. At least I have to plan the colors and style carefully, before I start the actual paint job. Well, here´s two of them painted in different style and colors...

The skeleton on the right was the first attempt... It´s Ok, but I like the second one better (the one on the left), for I painted the bones on a darker layer, to show them more clearly... Also the green on the clothes gives them more worn-out look somehow. I painted the bows to look like they were made out of bone too :) Yes, I think I´ll go with the second plan, and see how they turn out... (If nobody convince me otherwise :) Bye for now!