23 Feb 2010

Captin Morgn on Wyvern WIP

Just putting few quick pics here, for I haven´t posted anything for a while now... (Little short on painting time lately)
I have resently been working on my Pirate Captin Morgn on Wyvern.

Wyvern is actually my old Dark Elf dragon. I put it together while ago and gave it one extra horn right in the middle of it´s fore head... (it´s the one that´s painted ;))

Captin Morgun himself is Orc Boss with riders legs. I gave him right arm from my Black Orc regiment box for some extra armour and mean Axe :) I also desided to give him a Banner, wich I flipped side ways... that´s gonna be a pirate flag ofcourse. "AARrrrrrrrr"

Allrighty then... I´ll be back later with a few words about colors I use on Captin and Wyvern, techniques and stuff. But just have to mention... check out the wyvern. It´s made of spiky things, horns, claws and teeht. I´ll be in retirement home with shaky set of hands before I get them all painted... AARrrrrr

And sorry... the pics suck again. I´ll try to get decent ones later ;) And I promise to use something else on the back ground than a kitchen jar... it kind of flattens the ambiance.

9 Feb 2010

More Dragon Princes

I picked up the old school Dragon Princes "regiment boxes" today. Cheers! Just a minor set back though... The old boxes only contains three Princes, not five as I presumed :( But I found four blisters from the "collectors bag", so I gathered a group of ten Princes after all :) Two of the blisters are actually "Dragon Prince Heroes"... so they look a bit different than a common Prince.
And again, the price was next to nothing... Of this all in the picture, I payed twenty euros :o

The new Warhammer minis are a bit bigger in size than the oldies. And they have better poses, to make them even taller. So I had to put one of the Old ones together and compare the size issue...

And the winner is... well... I found out that the riders are actually the same size, but the difference in height is big between the mounts. What do they feed to the horses nowadays? Can they be used together in the same unit? Does the size matter after all? ... Big questions...

Well... I will use the same color theme in the Oldies, red, gold and white. So maybe I can use the new edition Princes as unit champions or something. (champs are bigger and rides a bigger horse too... Right???)

7 Feb 2010

Dragon Princes

So I called back to the store, asking if the collector dudes Old School Dragon Princes were still available... And they were :) I´m gonna pick them up Tuesday... Hooray!

Mean while, here´s few pics of my current Dragon Princes look.

These two Princes I´ve almost finished painting. Technique is really simple. Dry brush, and some more dry brush... I started with black under coat (as always). Then some Red Gore dry brushing until it covers all the areas neatly. Then some lighter dry brushing with blood red to the details that I wanted to draw out more visible. And also to the edges of the armor. Then I just slapped some gold where I needed it. I think gold works best with red...

Just felt that dry brushing blood red wasn´t enough... so I started high lighting the edges of the armour plates for some more contrast. And soon found my self painting some ornaments to the horse aromour... I just can´t keep it fast. I´ts my curse... So now I´m planning to paint ornaments also to the horse barding and maybe add some gold to the Princes armour...

The color theme is more Vampire Counts than High Elves... I´ve tried to save some High Elf feeling with larger white areas on the Princes cloth. But I wanted the best cavalry unit in the game (almost anyway) look like some real punishing bad ass group. And red has always been a symbol for blood and war... so there you have it :)

I have no excuse for the black sword in the Princes hand... Maybe I got carried away wiht some Storm Bringer feelings... (You know, the Elric of Melnibone :)

I just noticed writing this, that this Prince has dropped his shield... where the hell that might be? Anyway... I think with some thin white line of white to the horses barding I could turn Princes from Vampire Counts look to more High Elvish... And of course I could add some High Elf symbols to them...

There goes my "fast but neat" painting plan again..!

5 Feb 2010

Old School High Elves Treasure

I payed a visit to our local gaming shop today... with amazing results :) I had decided NOT to buy anything. Just look around and gather some gaming news... Right?

Well... There it was on the table. A huge plastic bag full of old High Elf miniatures. Old veteran hobbyist and collector had decided to get rid of his collection. I dived in...

There were blisters and regiment boxes. First I grabbed all the Phoenix Guards I could find... It´s the only unit in my High Elf army that I don´t have (until now). I sure like the new Phoenix Guard minis, but for my taste the Old School Guards are the right ones...

I could only find four Phoenix blisters... Not enough for a full unit. For me it´s twenty or nothing ;) After careful search with no result, I decided to purchase a command group of oldies elves... for sure I´m gonna need one in the unit anyways. It´s easy to give them a "Phoenix look" with some green stuff cloak and halberd. Then I have to improvise just one more Guard... Maybe from my endless supply of old Spear Men...

I just love the helmets and the ornaments on the chest plate...

Just had to buy this Silver Helm too... for I remember this mini from my old army book, but never found it from store. The helmet is... something awesome. It´s a helmet of heroes, Man...

Most bizarre thing of this all... I payed twenty euros for these miniatures all together... I think it´s a nice deal.

There was also two regiment boxes of Old Dragon Princes... 10 pieces. I didn´t buy them, because I´m originally from Planet Moron...!
I run back to the store tomorrow and pray that they´ll still be there..!