17 Jun 2012

Cheap low quality trees :)

 Hi there! I had an idea for making wargame trees, as I found some pieces from an old plastic cypress tree... Pretty sure I´m not the first one to try this :) But here´s how I made it...

Here´s the basic materials. Some pieces of 4mm plywood and some parts of plastic cypress tree. I drilled few holes to the bases and sanded the edges.

I glued the trees and pieces of bark to the bases using hot glue gun. I also used the hot glue to make some roots for the trees... (almost nice result:)

 Here they are after sanding... Behold the Chaos creature behind the woods :o

I mixed some "Grave Yard Earth" of my own, using some white acryllic mixed with raw umber and raw sienna. Result was ok. Painting scenery with GW paints is too heavy for my wallet... and now I got one liter of the stuff :)

Base coloring done...

And here they are after black wash and highlights with Bleached Bone. I added some turf here and there...

Here they are on a hill piece... Not the finest woods, but didn´t cost me crap, for I found all the materials at home. I´ll pobably make a scenery base for the wood pieces later... using the same materials and colors. We´ll see if the woods looks better then :) Bye now!

8 Jun 2012

Goblin Horde Painted

Just a quick update from the painting table. I just finished rank four of the horde, and I´m happy as a Night Goblin on mushrooms...

And here´s a group shot. Next there´s gonna be some serious basing and finishing the movement tray.
I´ll be back with the results... hopefully soon :)