29 Apr 2016

Blood Bowl Human Team

Hi there! I'm borrowing my human team to one of our players, in oncoming Blood Bowl Tournament. This was a good reason to get some humies in paint. Here's the starting line... Still missing the Ogre. That's coming later.

We are playing some practice games at the moment... to get everybody familiar with the rules. Then it's on with the Tournament. So more Blood Bowl coming soon. Bye Now!

10 Apr 2016

Dungeon Wall

Hello there! I made a new wall section for my 2.5D modular dungeon set. This one's in "full 3D", for I made it to work as a effect wall, for a boss fight room, secret door puzzle, or whatever... Here's some pics.

I made the frame work out of plywood. Main wall is 18mm, and on back of it, I shot a 4mm plywood with a nailgun.

Then I cut little pieces of cardboard to represent masonry and stones. Glued them on...
On top of the wall I glued a piece of foam board, and sculpted the stone patterns on it.

Back of the wall...

Painted with a sponge...

Painted back side...

And here's the wall in action. I only got one statue ready for this pic. I think I'm gonna make a set of three animated statues, as one choice to use this wall.
-"Did that statue just move Garth?"                  
-"Hopefully not... The GM wouldn't be that dorky. It's the oldest trap in the book man..."

3 Apr 2016

Serpents of Hellfire: Attack Bike

Hello there! Before starting my Razorback assembly, I decided to do the Attack Bike. Something to warm up with before the big thing... Here's some pics!

Wroom... Dakka dakka dakka...

The weapons are magnetized, So you can switch between Multimelta and Heavy Bolter.

Crap! I forgot to paint the chapter symbols to the shoulders!!! Well, I'll do that now. I'm not gonna update the pics. Suck it up :) 

Born to be wild... Here's the attack bike with the Dark Vengeance bikers. And three more bikers are waiting in primers. We'll see when I get around to paint those fellas... Bye now!