23 Aug 2013

Bitterstone Mines, First Piece Done

Hi there! Here's few pics of the first scenery piece for the "Bitterstone Mines" scenario. We're gonna play the campaign game week from now... so I'm a bit in a hurry :) Other projects going on too... outside the hobby, so that doesn't make the schedule any easier. We'll see...

This piece was really nice to sculpt and paint. Painting stone is pretty easy and fast... but sculpting the details takes a lot of time. I hope I find enough time to make at least another one of these before the game, if not all three. This is the smallest one of them of course:)

Ta daa..! It's easy to turn it to a jungle terrain piece too :)

One more pic just for scale... "Group of Adventurers exploring ancient ruins". Bye now! 

18 Aug 2013

One of the Emperors Children

Hi there! Here's few pics of the Emperors Children figure, that I painted for my friend, as a birthday present :). One more Marine to he's large and constantly growing collection of Chaos Forces...

Here's roughly what I did...

 I startedwith assembly (surprise)... Went through my bitz box and glued this together.

Then I painted the prime colors. Warlock Purple, Squid Pink (Vallejo), Leadbelcher for metal, and finally some Tau Light Ochre for golden parts...

I painted the gold parts with Burnished Gold, and washed with Agrax Earthshade. Rest of the figure got a wash of Leviathan Purple.

Then highlights were made with mix of 3:1 Warlock Purple-Squid Pink. Squid Pink parts were highlighted with the original color again... For more contrast I wanted to add another layer of higlights adding white to the mix... but I ran out of time :(

Well... I think it's a nice "tactical squad" standard figure anyways. More Emperors Children figures can be found under lable "Space Marine Project" in my older postings :) Bye now!

17 Aug 2013

Dark Vengeance Bikers Done

Finally I got my self to paint the last of these beautiful bikers. I got some inspiration to finish it from our last sunday 40K game... where this unit assaulted to close combat at turn 2, with only two of the bikers alive... and held a unit of Chaos Marines with a furious anger... untill turn five, when sergeant, as a last man standing, finally got it from a Chaos chain sword through he's chest. It was a big deal for winning the game, and amazing four rounds of close combat :) Here's some pics...

Bye now!

12 Aug 2013

Old Epic and FB Gaming Stuff...

Hi there! Just a fast update... I took pics of old gaming stuff, that was gathering dust at my friends cupboard, for he pretty much quit wargaming long ago. So he decided to give the stuff away.

Good old Space Marine game here... I have picked up my  Eldars from this starter box, when this game was new :) We purchased this together long long time ago. Here's some good collection of Marines, Rhinos and Land Riders. Quite many orcs too. Over twenty Wagons still in sprues... Buildings still looks good, and come very handy when we start playing this again :) The Titan has suffered some serious injuries, but nothing that a plastic glue can't fix.

Here's the old (5th?) edition starter that came with Bretonnians and Lizardmen. Lizards are long gone, but the Bretons are still in the box. My friend actually collected Empire Army that was also in the box... but as we split Empire the loot, I got few ranks of core, and ten Great Sword figures... I don´t know what to do with these minis. Maybe some painting practise for my kids :) There was also Handgunners, Flagellants, Hellblaster, Pistoliers and other stuff in the box. They went for my friend, who had a dream, where God told him to collect an Witch Hunter Army or something... So I guess he had to have them. But the old rulebooks are very inspirational, with bright colored pics minis on almost every page. Some interresting scenarios and experience tables for campaigns too. Brings back some memories... Ah, the good old days! Bye now!

4 Aug 2013

Bitterstone Mines WIP

Here's what I've sculpted so far... I started off with the smallest piece, and tried out some ideas.

I took the symbols on the pillars from many sources of inspiration, to give the piece some recycling value... Wargaming and RPG use :) Next some basing and painting... Bye now!

Giant finally finished and based!

Hi there... While I had a brake from sculpting the pillars of "Bitterstone Mine", I decided to finish my Giant, that's been waiting for the final touch and basing for a long time now. And for I got it done, why not show few pics of it :)

"Groaaaarrr"! Ready for The Gates of Ekrund :)

2 Aug 2013

Back from Holiday

Hello there! Just spent a nice four weeks in Greek with the family... Visitig my wifes relatives and repairing the old family house in the Peloponnesos mountains. Lots of swimming, good food, wine and ouzo also included :) Amazingly, nobody in the family got even sick this time, so I guess it was a perfect trip...

Anyways, I started to miss my own bed and miniatures in the last few days... so I'm happy to be back, and get the brush in my hand again :)

 Big game coming up! We are wrapping up our Blood in the Badlands Spring campaign turn about week from now.

"The Siege of Mount Bloodhorn" Is a massive battle fought on three tables. On one table, I'm defending "The gates of Ekrund" with my Greenskin (old Dwarfen stronghold, now home for many tribes of greenskins), while "battle of "Stonemine Tower" is gonna be on another table, and on a third... underneath the fortress, the "Bitterstone Mine" scenario is fought.

Games are played simultaneously... The trick is, that all survivors from Stonemine Tower and Bitterstone Mine are moved to the Gates of Ekrund as relief forces, so the siege is gonna be massive clash!

Anyways... I promised to make some new scenery stuff for the games to come. The Tower and Fortress we have allready, but I'll fix something for the  Bitterstone mines... Here's what I've got so far.

I did some rough sculpting on poly-uretaine pieces to make them look as old collapsed pillars, and glued them on plywood bases with pur-glue... The Orc mini in the middle is for the scale :)

Another shot from a different angle... to show that the pillars are gonna be quite tall. I'm gonna sculpt some more details and work the bases before painting.  Hopefully soon...

Also started to make some more fallen colums stuff... (see the previous postings) Hope I find time to finish them too.

And I found myself making stairs also... leading nowhere for now :) I'll see what I can make out of those. Well, I'll post some WIP's of the scenery. Maybe some new fastpainted orcs will be here too! Bye now!