2 Aug 2013

Back from Holiday

Hello there! Just spent a nice four weeks in Greek with the family... Visitig my wifes relatives and repairing the old family house in the Peloponnesos mountains. Lots of swimming, good food, wine and ouzo also included :) Amazingly, nobody in the family got even sick this time, so I guess it was a perfect trip...

Anyways, I started to miss my own bed and miniatures in the last few days... so I'm happy to be back, and get the brush in my hand again :)

 Big game coming up! We are wrapping up our Blood in the Badlands Spring campaign turn about week from now.

"The Siege of Mount Bloodhorn" Is a massive battle fought on three tables. On one table, I'm defending "The gates of Ekrund" with my Greenskin (old Dwarfen stronghold, now home for many tribes of greenskins), while "battle of "Stonemine Tower" is gonna be on another table, and on a third... underneath the fortress, the "Bitterstone Mine" scenario is fought.

Games are played simultaneously... The trick is, that all survivors from Stonemine Tower and Bitterstone Mine are moved to the Gates of Ekrund as relief forces, so the siege is gonna be massive clash!

Anyways... I promised to make some new scenery stuff for the games to come. The Tower and Fortress we have allready, but I'll fix something for the  Bitterstone mines... Here's what I've got so far.

I did some rough sculpting on poly-uretaine pieces to make them look as old collapsed pillars, and glued them on plywood bases with pur-glue... The Orc mini in the middle is for the scale :)

Another shot from a different angle... to show that the pillars are gonna be quite tall. I'm gonna sculpt some more details and work the bases before painting.  Hopefully soon...

Also started to make some more fallen colums stuff... (see the previous postings) Hope I find time to finish them too.

And I found myself making stairs also... leading nowhere for now :) I'll see what I can make out of those. Well, I'll post some WIP's of the scenery. Maybe some new fastpainted orcs will be here too! Bye now!

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