27 Sept 2016

WH40K: Small Watch Tower out of a Spray Bottle Cap

Hi there! I was in the mood to make some scenery for a change, for I got inspired by a spray bottle cap on my hobby table. I just saw in an instant what needed to be done... And here's what happened :)

I got some cheap materials laying around. I used some thin cardboard (for vertical supports and hand rail), grilling sticks (for rivets and ladders), and some mesh + kapa-board to make the grill. Everything but "rivets" were assembled with hot glue. To attach the small rivets I had to use some white glue.

All was covered with Mephiston Red.

And after some washes and high lights I had myself a small Watch Tower. I added some
40K skull bitz to finish the look :)

Side view...

And finally with a marine, to give some scale of this... That was fast, cheap and fun. I should make more of these :)  Bye now!

8 Sept 2016

Blood Bowl: Witch Elf

Hi there! Short posting this time :) Here's a taste of my new project... I was asked to paint a Dark Elves team for Blood Bowl. I had to start with this one... one of my favourite minis in BB, the Witch Elf.

More to come soon... Bye now!

4 Sept 2016

Deathwatch Overkill: Hybrid Painting Tutorial

Hello! I made about a 20 step tutorial of painting a cultist for your Deathwatch Overkill (or 40K). No special techniques or magic required. Pretty simple stuff here! For that's all I know... Warnig of many pics, and I apologise of the flashy quality. It's damn dark here in Finland :) So, here we go...

I started with Abaddon Black primer.

Then I made base colors of all things I was gonna wash with Nuln Oil. So... Trousers were painted with Russ Grey, leather parts with Doombull Brown and metal parts with Leadbelcher.

And here's the Nuln Oil wash. I washed the metal parts twice, for I wanted more contrast when I highlight them later.

Here I used Gehennas Gold, to pick up some details, to look as copper or just gilded things :)

Same stage from the back...

And I washed them with Agrax Earthshade.

First layer on the Hybrid body was Kantor Blue on the "chitinous" parts. First time I used the color. It was nice to see that it covers pretty nicely with one go... I gave it a Nuln Oil wash.

Then I painted the Hybrid skin with Genesteeler Purple. This takes three layers to look nice.

Skin was washed with Druchii Violet.

First high lights was made on the trousers. I used Russ Grey to pick up some elevated parts on the sculpting. Second high light was made with same color adding white to it. With that shade I used just little dots on the previous layer.

Then I overbrushed the armour parts with Runefang Steel. Weapons were high lighted with same color, mostly just using the side of the brush, to get the color on the edges of the metal parts.

Next were the gilded parts, where I used Burnished Gold with very little dots or brush strokes...

Chitinous shell was first high lighted with Alaitoc Blue. I used quite big and fast strokes at this point...

Next step was to add another layer with Lothern Blue. Now with little more careful and thinner lines. It's important to let the previous layer all ways show under the new one...

Here's back side pic of the same stage... As you see, I like to make a lot of contrast. That helps the minis look nice also from the distance :)

Ok... First layer on the skin was to use the Genestealer Purple again on the elevated parts. I painted two sideways lines on the top of the bald head, to make it look like light reflections. Not very realistic, but looks nice.

From the back again...

Now I added some white to the Genestealer Purple, and made another layer of high light. I made a final third high light with adding some more white, but I painted them only in few places doing just little dots. Like on top of the head reflection... and some of the fingers.

Rear view...

On the leather parts I used Skag Brown on the first layer, and Balor Brown on the second. The claws, finger nails and teeth was given a layer of Ushabti Bone at this point. The teeth are impossible to paint individually, at least for me... So I use just very little paint, and use the side of the brush to wipe them all together. Kind of over brushing with a little brush...

I washed the bony parts with Agrax Earthshade.

And heres the bony bitz high lighted with Flayed one flesh and little dots of white. Next was the tongue that's hanging out. I used Emperors Children on it. Washed with Druchii Violet. High lights were made with Emperors Children, adding white to it. I did this with the side of the brush again, just on the outer edges of the tongue...

Last I painted the eyes with little strokes of white. You have to be careful there, so you don't get the white all over the face. And after basing, it was ready to go and kill some Deathwatch dudes...

Last rear view... And we're done. I hope this will help or inspire some of you hobbyists out there. I'll be back with more cultists as I get them in paints... Bye now!