19 May 2013

Descent Props: Bone Heap

Hello! Got little something done again... This time for Descent board game. Actually these fine pieces are Micro Art Studio Skulls Bases, 25x25mm. There are five of them in a blister, and I ordered quite many, for RPG and Descent use.

These are small things in the game, but I really believe they bring some extra tone in the gaming experience...

Original FFG Bone Heap props are just great, but even so, there´s just big difference in 2D...

And 3D. Next thing for Descent is going to be Money and Chest markers, that I ordered from Dark Art Studios... as soon as they arrive and get painted :) Bye now!

9 May 2013

Epic Scenery: Woods

Hello! This time I found my scenery making inspiration as I was at the park with the kids. I was standing next to some Grey Alder trees, and I found some small cones fallen from the tree...

I picked some of them up and got an idea of making Epic trees out of them. And here´s how they turned out...

I tried them on a piece of foam... and they looked really treelike already :)

I decided to sculpt an proper base for them from a bigger piece of foam... Just used a carpet knife on it. and glued the trees on.

I sanded the base and painted it with Steel Legion Drab, then washed it with nuln oil. Drybrush with Ushabti Bone. For the trees I used Warboss Green overbrush, then drybrush with mix of Warboss Green and Golden Yellow. Glued some grass there too... And there you have it. Simple and cheap.

Biel-Tan Rangers advancing through the woods...

Bye now!

4 May 2013

Epic Eldars: Windrider Troupe

Hi there! Not much painty time lately, but I managed to get these little things done :)

Windrider Troupe consist of six Jetbikes (200pts). Any number of Jetbikes can be replaced with Vypers at no additional cost... I added one to this squadron, but I have two more Windrider Troupes coming... With more Vypers in them :)

I tried to keep the painting simple as possible... Just the white stripes and the "red lights" as details.

So now I have 950pts Biel-Tan painted... Still pretty much to paint, to get the 1500pts :)