18 Oct 2009

Dragon Mage

Only convertion on this one is the staff. I just made it alot longer than the original. So he can swing the enemies to the head with it... The reckless dragon mages tend to get in to close combat...

17 Oct 2009

Alith Anar

Here´s few close ups from Alith Anar that visited in earlier picture with the Shadow Warriors...

Little conversion... Swapped the shield for bow. Added some arrows to the base.

11 Oct 2009

Da Rock Lobba

Here´s a Rock Lobba for my dear WHFB Green skin army...
Still unpainted but lookin good. I used the "Artillery of the Cursed Legion" boxed set for this one, cause I really love the model... It´s from a Russian game called "Ring of rule". Here´s a link if you want to check out the game...

The box contains like million pieces... but it´s worth to put some effort to it... You can also put together two spear chuckas from the bits. So you actually get three war machines in one box.

After a few glue filled hours I managed to get it together... then I just added some Orc stuff from my bits box. And ... tadaa.. There´s a very Orcy looking Rock Lobba.

For a final detail I made the rope from wire... Planning to make the crew for it in the near future... but there´s sooooo many projects going on, so well see when I´ll get to it :)