30 Jun 2013

First "Old Schooled" Dragon Prince done

Finally found some time to finish the first of the Dragon Princes. It came out pretty nice. I'm happy with the colors, and I think the unit is going to be quite a parade when it gets done :)

Still few details I'm not completely happy with, but I have to stop the painting at some point to get the unit done... The biggest bugger was the old basing job. I don't much like the flock I have used on these bases, but it was really hard to get off... so I let it be. I just added some Mordheim Turf on it, and painted the edges with Steel Legion Drab. First I was going to leave the classic Goblin Green on the edges, which was in fashion at 90's... but I just needed the contrast.

So there you have it. Hope you like it... I'm gonna take a little break from painting, and do some holiday stuff with wife and the kids! Lots of plans for this summer :) But as T-800 said, "I'll be back"!!!

29 Jun 2013

Old Schoolin' my not so old Dragon Princes, WIP2

Just a quick update. Not much painty time lately... but just enough to add some green to the Dragon Prince.

Inspired by the cover of 1993 Dragon Prince box, I decided to paint the tip of the lance with a color theme instead of using metal tone. In the box cover they are painted with red, but I decided to go with green here... Not using metal color takes away some "realism" of the mini (if there is such a thing in a fantasy world), but it adds a punch of old school feeling to it :) And that's what I'm after here... Bye now!

27 Jun 2013

Old Schoolin' my not so old Dragon Princes, WIP

Hi there! Lots of projects going on... Too many. My Pirate Orcs, Epic Eldars, my Marine Chapter, RPG minis, Descent board game... But you all know how that goes. The feeling, that though you paint and paint... nothing really gets done. So, in frustration, I dug out another old project out of the cupboard...

My High Elf army, that is just partly assembled. And by random I got my Dragon Princes in my hand. Partly painted (quite badly), horses tails missing, riders hands or shields fallen, paint job damaged... and stuff. They looked sad, then I felt sad, and decided to give them a new life... or at least, a paint job.

While ago I bought two boxes of these old classics from an old acquaintance, with a silly price (I mean they were cheap as hell). Still haven't unboxed them, but I will. Anyways, the covers old school paint job... Just beautiful! I love old school Warhammer painting (Possibly for I'm old:). I value the 3rd and 4th editions painting, when the colors were bright and units had some imaginative balls.
As my High Elf army is just partly painted, I was thinking to give it a try, and go old school with the color choices. Starting with this Dragon Prince, in my hand :)

Well... Not even close to the cover art (as I could pull that off). But I think I'm going to the right direction here. The greens have made a big difference already. Should the lance be green..? Or the dragon in it... Lots to do. We'll see. Bye now!

23 Jun 2013

One more Grenadier Orc

Hi there... Got the last Grenadier "Orc with Sword and Shield" painted. Here's some pics...

It was nice mini to paint... And this one is my favourite sculpting of the three, that came in a same blister. And it was so back in 1987 too :) I painted all three pretty fast with big brush strokes, concentrating more to "get something done" for a change. Still, I'm pretty happy with the result for all three.

Here's a group shot... Ready for some action. Bye now!

Grenadier Orcs 1987, Hand Weapons & Shields

Two more of my oldies... One more Orc with HW&S coming soon :)

19 Jun 2013

Descent: Miniatures, Props and Action

Hi there! We had a Descent session while ago. I even managed to paint few new minis and props before the game, for the last Rumour Dungeon level (Down in a Hole). Here's some pics...

Here's Golem, Ferrox and a "master" Ferrox with red base. They were all needed in last lvl of Dungeon...

Golem painted up real nice... I had to hurry little bit too much with the Ferrox. Not happy with them :(

Here's Chest and Treasure set I ordered from Dark Art Studios... Great stuff for board- or RPG gaming!

I quickly painted up just the amount I needed for next session... With a base they're easier to handle :)

Here's some older action pictures...

Should we search those tiles marked with question marks..?

Our heroes (and one substitute) thinking their brains off... wipeout is coming :) (Overlord is not in the pic)

Ancient Library filled with sharp shooting, upgraded Skeletons... They're really hard for heroes to handle!

Pics form the latest session...

Down in a Hole... What's behind door number two..?

Loads of traps and Monsters tipped the scale for the Overlord in the end... Though the Heroes managed to save the peasant from the Evil Sorcerer and complete the quest, the Overlord still got most of the Conquest Tokens from this dungeon. None of the heroes squished under the rolling boulder (disappointment)...

It was fun to play again... But the last lvl took us nine hours to complete..! So we finished the game at two in the mornig. Nine hours a bit too much I think. Next time we have to use a time limit for the players and overlords turns, to prevent this kind of  "Über-playing", and maybe drink few beers less... Wife says that the beer might be the real reason  for the game flow slowing down after eleven o'clock :D (I Don't agree)

16 Jun 2013

Grenadier Adventurer 1987

Another posting for today :) Here's one of my oldies, that I dusted up while ago... Now with some new paint job! It´s really great looking mini, and goes well with some D&D action :)

Bye Now!

Another Hasslefree Goblin painted

Here´s another of the Hasslefree Gobbo's... This time with a spear and shield. Again, it was really fun to paint.

Bye now!

11 Jun 2013

Hasslefree Orcs and Goblins arrived

I got these goodies few days ago... Now I had some time to open the bags and look into minis!

I chose to buy these goblins, for they're sculpting reminded me of old LotR pictures, painted by Angus Mcbride. He had brilliant visions of Orcs and Goblins... which are still in my head as the true O&C for me :)  I guess it was the helmets of the minis that made me make the purchase, for I remembered an old game book by I.C.E. that has a cover picture I really love. Still have it in my bookshelf!

Well... I got one of them assembled and painted. Here's some pics...

It was really lovely and fast to assemble and paint. And the sculpting is great!

Here's just for comparison... with a Marine. Hasslefree Goblins are really tiny...  Gobbo has a chance, for he has one sneak attack. Hope he goes for the groins :) Bye now!

9 Jun 2013

Another Dark Vengeance Biker

Hi! Here's another Biker from the Dark Vengeance box. I converted it slightly to make it fit in my DV successor chapter "Serpents of Hellfire".

First I took off all the DA symbols from the bike. Then I cutted off the wings from the back of the bike, and replaced them with two Chaos Marine heads. Iron Warriors were my choice of trophys :)

The backpack is taken from DA veterans box. Otherwise it's all Dark Vengeance biker...

I'm pretty happy with the paint job, and I think I've finally found the painting method and style for the whole Chapter... And now I have to go back to my old painted marines and give them an fast updete in colors :) Maybe not the first tactical squad that I highlighted with dry brushing... those I'll leave as they are, but rest will get a more "fiery" and "blazing" high lights, as the bikers have.

I tried to pose this one leaning abit to the sword side, to make him look like he's picked the nex target, and is about to get another trophy... :)

The base is from Micro Art Studio as with the previous biker... and the next to come. For these bases are sweeeet! Wroom Wrooooom... Bye now!