30 Nov 2011

Descent Miniatures: Hell Hounds bases done

Hi! Not much to say  in this posting... The base job´s done on these flamer dogs. I think it took me longer than to paint the actual minis :D

Coming up next are the Deep Elf assasins and the Dark Priests... Primers done :) Bye now!

20 Nov 2011

Lunar Officer painted

Here´s another painted soldier to my slowly growing Lunar army :) Well... I´m not really aiming for "army", just skirmish amount of Lunars for RPG use. I really like the skulpting and posing of this lunar officer. I think it looks very threatening and fearless with his sword hanging down, walking decisively towards the enemy line... It has very clear details, so it was easy and fun to paint.

All the metal parts are painted bronze, except the sword and dagger. They are painted to iron, one of the rare and valuable rune metals of Glorantha...

16 Nov 2011

How to make a Cyborg... part 2

Hello! Another posting about "What´s going on at my work place"... Earlier I wrote about the Sci-fi themed theater play at our City Theatre (Where I work as a metal and wood artesan), that I was making scenery for. One scenery piece was this Cyborg. I haven´t found the time to take any pics of it before this, and these pics suck ass, for the lighting was poor in the scenery storage. I finished the paint job for the Premier over month ago :). It´s basically a human sized Cyborg marionette, made out of metal. If you like to see how I made it, just click here for the earlier posting... On with the pics!

That flashy thing in the chest is a light bulb, that flashes in the same rythm the cyborg speaks :) (It doesn´t actually speak.  It´s a playback...Ok?!  If I could make it speak, I´d work at NASA :D

Close up of the legs... I personally like the toe nails. They´re funny looking :)

In the background you can see tables made out of old TV-screens. The screens are turned upward, and they actually turn on during the play, showing only snow screen... I liked that "effect" when I went to see the show.

So, these were the only pics that were even little bit decent... sorry. But we have next show on thursday, so I try to sneek up to the stage and take some better pics. I´ll get back with this if I get some shots done :) Bye now!

14 Nov 2011

Open Quest arrived

Hello! I´m taking a little break from Descent project... which is good for me and the blog, that has come too Descent related. One reason for the break is that I´m very excited about my Open Quest book that arrived from D101 Games.

I´m an old Rune Quest fan and GM, and have played it for years. All the twenty+ Rune Quest/Glorantha related releases (Rule Books and expansions) I own, have quite different and unclear descriptions of some of the rules... For example how the different methods of magic works. So we have made quite many house rules over the years for magic, combat and character creation / improvement. When I stumbled upon this book in the internet, I immediatly new that I just had to have it... and I did. I´m happy now:)  Not gonna make a review out of it, but I quote shortly from the D101 Games home page, so you know what I´m talking about: "Open Quest is based on the Mongoose RuneQuest SRD (MRQ SRD), with ideas from previous editions of Chaosium’s RuneQuest and Stormbringer 5th, mixed in with some common sense house rulings from the author’s twenty years of experience with the D100 system" So if you´re RQ (or any other D100 system) player, I recommend this book... if you don´t already have it.

Little bit about my miniature hobby too... Inspired by the Open Quest, I dusted my Lunar Empire soldiers (Roman Auxiliaries and Praetorian Guard). I assembled and painted one of the Praetorians...

WIP... Bronze and red parts painted... washing with Devmud.

Here´s the finished mini, standing on a 12 years old crappy piece of self-made scenery, that I also dusted from the mini cupboard :)

It felt really good to paint something else for a change than Descent minis. Maybe I´ll do another... That´s all for now. Bye!

7 Nov 2011

Descent Miniatures: Hell Hounds WIP

Hello! I got the Hell Hounds on my painting table last night, and almost got them finished in one session... When I started, I had no plan on how to paint them, except I would keep it fast and simple. And that´s what I did. Here´s some pics of what happened...

Primer was made with Army Painters Leather Brown.

Then one layer of Red Gore to the parts where I planned to have some fire effect...

Heavy wash of Badab Black over everything.

Here I have made some over/dry brushing on the fire parts, starting whith Blood Red then Blazing Orange. Finally I added some little dots of Golden Yellow with a detail brush...

I made similar effects around the eyes and in to the mouth, and painted the eyes with Skull White.

I painted the noses black and high lighted them with Codex Grey. The claws were painted first with  Red Gore, high light with Blood Red, and finally little white dots were added.

Finnally I high lighted  the fur with 2:1 Graveyard Earth and Bleached Bone, and painted the teeth.
And that´s it for now... I think they´re ready, except what comes to basing job.

One more pic from different angle. They´re not my finest job, but I´m pretty happy with the painting, considering the speed and very simple palette.  I´ll be back when I get the basings done. Bye now!

4 Nov 2011

More Descent Scenery

Hello! Quick update to what I did last week before our Descent gaming session. Here´s some pics...

I just had to make few more rubble props quick before our gaming night. So first I went through some old bits and minis... and found this old wood elf, that had an honour to become a statue. Then, back to carving urethane again. I made some writings to the stand by stabbing little dots in to it, and I think it turned out Ok. After that I glued little bit sand in random places.

Here it is painted, and some Army painter Dead Grass on it.

From behind...

And here´s some stuff I had bought from the local petshop last summer. I think they cost 6€ a piece. Not bad I think... Now it seemed like a good time to make something out of them.

After I gave them the base color, I decided to base the statue and make some floor tiles out of urethane. Sand was also added at this point.

After the high lighting and "grassing" they looked pretty decent (for 6€ a piece).

Here´s the other rubble markers "in action". I think the 3D markers really made a difference to the dungeon mood, and they made the action easier to perceive. I recommend this to all dungeon dwellers :) Bye now!