4 Nov 2011

More Descent Scenery

Hello! Quick update to what I did last week before our Descent gaming session. Here´s some pics...

I just had to make few more rubble props quick before our gaming night. So first I went through some old bits and minis... and found this old wood elf, that had an honour to become a statue. Then, back to carving urethane again. I made some writings to the stand by stabbing little dots in to it, and I think it turned out Ok. After that I glued little bit sand in random places.

Here it is painted, and some Army painter Dead Grass on it.

From behind...

And here´s some stuff I had bought from the local petshop last summer. I think they cost 6€ a piece. Not bad I think... Now it seemed like a good time to make something out of them.

After I gave them the base color, I decided to base the statue and make some floor tiles out of urethane. Sand was also added at this point.

After the high lighting and "grassing" they looked pretty decent (for 6€ a piece).

Here´s the other rubble markers "in action". I think the 3D markers really made a difference to the dungeon mood, and they made the action easier to perceive. I recommend this to all dungeon dwellers :) Bye now!


  1. Nice! I just finally (I mean literally in the past week or so) took the plunge on Descent. I snatched up all the now out of print stuff for the game, two sets of the core, and every other set. I just need to get the lieutenant figures for road to legends and the special characters for sea of blood and I'll have a complete collection (except for three of the four promo figures). I plan to paint it up ... keep the posts rolling on it I'm really interested in the game it seems like a perfect alternative to D&D for my gaming group (and my kids).

  2. Incidentally how are the figures holding paint? Your paint jobs look great on them, I just wonder how that plastic holds the paint long term? Are you doing a couple coats of matte or clearcoat?

  3. Hello Lord! Thanks for your comments. You have really invested to the game I see:) Good for you. Our group have really enjoyed every session. Descent is far from RPG, but it´s certainly NOT just a board game! So I think youre D&D group (and the kids)will like it alot.

    What comes to painting, for base coat I have used both Army Painters and Citadels spray primers and Citadels Chaos Black out of the pot. All of them sticks to the mini nicely. But I have washed the minis first with Fairy water (or what ever dish washing stuff), for the surface on the minis feels abit oily, specially when painting base coat with brush... So far the minis have holded the colors just fine. No chipping or discoloring... and I don´t even use any clear coat or varnish of any kind, for I think they spoil the paint job (few bad experiences). Mostly I´m happy with the minis. Sculpting could be better in some cases. You really have to study some of the details to figure out how to paint them... But generally theyre fine (and cheap as hell in comparison). I´m waiting to see your Descent postings :)