2 Nov 2014

Serpents of Hellfire: More Verterans

Hi there! I found time to paint / repaint three of my veterans... Here's some pics.

One of the brothers has an Auspex-scanner, to detect hidden enemy troops in cover. In the other hand he's carrying a Flamer, to turn them, when found, into "crispy critters"...
Other two brothers are equipped with pair of Lightning Claws. And they're in the mood for slicing!

Blip... Blip... Blip... Blip... "Two heretics detected in the ruins... Grilling time"!

In the last posting I decided to make the Veteran robes black. Well, I changed my mind again, as you can see...

I like more of these light brown robes more... It refers to the Dark Angel origin, and gives them more of that "Brotherhood" feeling.

More veterans coming soon... Bye now!