28 Apr 2013

Epic Eldars: Rangers

Hi there! Instead of starting to work with "Titans" as I planned, I decided to stick with the smaller troops. I painted six units of Biel-Tan Rangers. These little guys are quite important for the Eldar army, for the Rangers and War Walkers are the only Eldar units that can garrison  objectives in the game...

They painted up quite nicely, and the details were all visible with bare eyes. (Sorry about out of focus pics this time)

Rangers cost 25pts per unit, so now I´m up to 750pts painted army :) Bye now!

25 Apr 2013

Epic Eldars 600pts Painted

Hi there! As we all know by now... The Eldars are coming, in the form of upcoming codex. I don´t own 40K Eldar Army (yet), but I have boxfulls of old Epic Eldars in my cupboard. Inspired by the rumours and ongoing Eldar madness I decided to dig them up and continue painting what I started long time ago. It would be nice to have at least 1500pts Epic Army painted. I´m not sure how much I have Eldars, but I think around 6000 pts army... Have to check.
Anyways, here´s what I´ve painted so far...

In the front: Eldar Guardian Warhost (seven Guardian units, one Farseer with Warlock Bodyguard) 150 pts
In the Middle: Falcon Troupe (five Falcon Gravtanks) 250pts
Back row: War Walker Troupe (six Eldar War Walkers) 200pts

Closeup of the Eldar Guardian Warhost

And from different angle to show the standard bearer :)

Closeup of the Farseer unit. I put two Guardians in the front, to make it fit better in the formation.

Back wiew...

War Wakers... It was fun to pose them in different positions and paint.

Old Falcons look great in my taste... Really like the sculpting.

On one of them I had to paint the Biel Tan Craftworld rune...

Next I´m possibly gonna make a Titan for the army... Using these old Eldar Knights (counts as). There´s some cool Bright Stallions and Towering Destroyers in these blisters... We´ll see :)

23 Apr 2013

Ral Partha 1984

Hello! Just a quick update here... I painted another nostalgia mini today. It´s a really old Ral Partha Knight. I dont know it´s "True Name", for I didn´t find it in Ral Partha catalogue. I´m gonna use it with my Descent miniatures, as Sir Meric Farrow :) Here´s the pics.

I painted the robes to match with Descent Sorcerers... So maybe the mini fits better in the game :)
All the "Liutenant Encounters" are out door fights, so I didn´t bother to paint the dungeon floor tiles on this one... And it´s more practical in other (RPG) use... Bye Now!

21 Apr 2013

Messing with Old Classics...

Hi there! I finally decided to work with my old minis, that I posted about earlier... I have used these long time ago in RPG action (Rune Quest, old D&D and stuff). They were some of my first paintings from late 80's, and now when I looked at them, they seemed really sad and crappy :( So I had to give them a new life :)

As you can see... the painting´s not that great :)  But the sculpting is high quality. They´re mostly Grenadier Minis, but there´s some Ral Partha stuff too in the ranks.

Here´s my poison for the job... And I don´t know what you call this stuff in English...  but it´s the stuff you use for cleaning up the surfaces before painting them... Straight translation could be something like "paint wash". Anyways, it proved to be good stuff for this :)

I poored some of the stuff in a plastic carton (no water added), and put the minis for a swim...

After about two hours the paint was peeling off. I worked them one by one with an old tooth brush under warm water...

      And the results were better than I hoped for.

One of the Orcs lost he´s scimitar in the process, but that can be fixed :)

And in the heat of the inspiration, I grabbed one of the Grenadier 1987 Dwarfs on to the painting table...

The one that used to look like this. I wonder why I have painted the leather and the fur parts with lilac..?! Must be a good reason for that... now forgotten.

And in about two hours it turned up to look like this. It aint "cool mini or not" quality, but I´m sure it´s better than it used to be :)

I guess it´s kind of sad to ruin old nostalgia paint jobs... But less so, for I now have them documented :) And I think the new layers of paint give the beautiful sculpting more justice. It sure deserves it! For me, it´s also good to see, comparing the "now and then" pictures, that I have acquired some painting tricks since the late 80's... (and inspiring to know, that there´s still lots of tricks to learn :)... Bye now!

13 Apr 2013

Descent Miniatures: Troll

Hi there! Got the first of three Descent Trolls done... I chose a strange and slow painting tech for the Troll skin... but I think it turned out to be Ok. I didn´t really think about how I´d paint it... just kind of went with the feeling.

The sculpting on the Descent Trolls is really good. All the details paints up nicely... Me likes!

The posing really has te feeling that "It´s coming at you". And the nasty smile on Trolls face even makes it more horrendous.

Here´s the troll from different angle to show the freehand on the base... It took about the same amount of time to paint as the Troll itself :) But it´s the basing method I chose in the beginning with my Descent miniatures, and I´m sticking with it... Crap..! :(

7 Apr 2013

Descent Miniatures: Dark Priest

Hello! Finally got these done. We have a Road to Legend session next friday, so that was kind of a source of inspiration to dig the priest´s up from box, and give them the final paint job and basing...
You can see the first steps of painting from my earlier Descent postings.

I wanted some plague, rotten feeling in them, so I just added some quick washes with green and red. Simple but effective.

Same from behind... Now they´re ready for some board game action..! We´ll see if I can find time to finish some more minis for Friday :) Bye now!

3 Apr 2013

Happy Birthday to Me..!

Well it´s actually next Saturday... but I got my present early this year :) After finishing the "Beginner Box" books, I just had to have these pieces. Over 900 pages of goodness. Gonna stay up late tonight!

1 Apr 2013

Fallen Column, and some kind of Tutorial

Hi there! Got my scenery building inspiration back, after awhile... Usually it happens when I just see some piece of material that has a shape or texture, that can be easily formed to scenery. And that´s exactly what happened in this case too...

I sawed some pieces of round wood at my work place. Then I sanded some of the round edges flat, so the pieces of column would look like they´re sunken in to sand abit...

And this is some corrugated cardboard, that was the source of inspiration for this scenery piece :) Usually it is used to make some corrugated iron walls for sci-fi buildings, but this time I saw a pillar or a column when I looked at it...

I dug up my hot glue gun and some spackle from tool box.

I cutted the cardboard in to right shape. First I wrapped the wood inside big cardboard piece and drew a line inside with pencil, then cutted along the line. leaving little extra to the edges (as you see in the picture). Then I used hot glue to fasten it.

Here I just filled "the gap" that I left, with spackle.

While I was doing that, my daughter had found scissors and made a fine job on my card board :D Right in the middle... Why..?! Fortunately I got just enough of the stuff to finish the scenery piece...

Here are the finished column pieces. It took some time to compose them nicely...

And when I got them right, I had a cahnge of plans, and added a pedestal under the first pillar. Then I carved some stones out of foam, for paving some areas of the base. Sanding came at this point too.

First layer of paint. I used a mix of white and black from my bigger acrylic tubes, to make some stone gray. Graveyard Earth was used on the sand.

Then I washed the whole thing with Nuln Oil.

High Lights with some lighter grays. First by drybrushing, then I painted the edges of the stones with small brush. Sand was drybrushed with Ushabti Bone. Then I  added turf...

And here´s the finished piece... It was really nice and easy to make. I hope I´ll find some time to make more of these soon, so I´d have a nice "ruins theme" for my battle table. Or to use with RPG´s.

Bye now!