16 Apr 2010

More Warg Riders

I found some time to get two more Night gobbo Warg Riders converted and painted. Again, I tried to be as fast as I could... and I like the results

Here´s one with a bow...

And one throwing a spear...

The mushrooms came out nice...

Both riders are on a new, self made bases... I think they look just fine :)

14 Apr 2010

Self made Cavalry bases

After the first "Night Goblin Warg rider" finished I was facing a broblem... No more "extra" cavalry bases. The LOtR wargs naturally comes with a round base :)

So I decided to give it a try, and make my own bases from 4mm plywood at my work place...

First I adjusted the right measures to the circular saw and cut out a stack of base size pieces.
After that I sanded all the base edges with a sanding machine... and I think they turned out just fine!A bit scattered formation... The measures came just right. Only the thickness of the original base is less than 4mm, but that changes nothing in game terms. Now the mini is just 1,5 mm higher :)

Only the sanding of the edges came a bit in a wrong angle, but I can live with it. Next time I´ll do better :) (That´s official base under the Warg Rider)

And once I was at it... I also made a movement tray from same materials, which came out a bit too wide :o for I measured the width for 25mm wide bases. And the cavalry base is actually 24mm wide. In the rulebook it says 25x50, but in reality the original base is 24x50 ;)

The whole project took me about 30 minutes... I think it´s not bad. And I saved a bit of money too :D