5 Dec 2013

Spider Riders: First rank done, and how to fast paint a spider

Here's the first rank of my Spider Rider unit. I'm happy with the color choises I made. Unit looks coherent, not too many colors. Spider standard brings some extra tone to the rank. Purple wasn't so bad after all :)

Here's briefly what I did with the unit champ...

Everything was primed separtely with Army Painters "out of the can" stuff. Goblin Green, Ultramarine Blue, Leather Brown.

Spider was washed with Asurmen Blue. Champ was base colored with Leadbelcher (metal parts), Ushabti Bone (bony parts and teeth), Genestealer Purple (feathers and shield icon), Tau Light Ochre (strings 'n ropes), Skag Brown (leather parts).

 Same champ from the back... just to show the nasty piercings :)

Ok... back with the spider. I gave it a swift layer of Ultramarines Blue.

Followed by layer of Lothern Blue. Leaving the Ultramarine layer to show below...

Then I mixed some white to Lothern Blue, to make the final high lights. As you can see, everything was made pretty roughly... (for I still got fifteen of these waiting in the line). Took me little over twenty minutes to put on all the blue parts. It might look Ok from other side of the gaming table :)

I painted the fangs with Genestealer Purple, and eyes with Averland Sunset.

Washed the fangs with Leviathan Purple, and the eyes with Agrax Earthshade

Fangs high lights with Emperors Children, added white for the second layer, and finally little white dots to give shiny effect. Eyes were high lighted with little dots  of Golden Yellow.

Here's all parts painted. Purple parts on the champ were painted with the same recipe as the spider fangs. Everything else was washed Agrax Earthshade, except the metal parts, where I used Nuln Oil. High lights were made pretty much with base colors, where I added some white for the second layer. Time to put Humpty Dumpty together again...

And there you have it. Champ ready for action. More to come soon. Bye now!

2 Dec 2013

Spider Rider Standard Bearer

Here's one more for the first rank...

30 Nov 2013

Spider Riders and Gigantic Spider WIP

Not much time for hobby things lately... But I got something done. Here's some pics!

I decided to hang on to the purple theme on the feathers and shields... With the same color on the spider fangs, the rider and mount bind together nicely.

Here's the gigantic one. Still missing the rider. Same color theme with this one,  for it will be part of the unit in the future games, when ever I take a spider unit on the table... For it's cheap in points and nasty in battle :)

The pose was hard to make, but I think I got it quite right...

Even with all those legs in the unit, it ranks up perfectly. More of legs soon... Bye now!

19 Nov 2013

20 Spider Riders on the table...

Hi there! Just a quick update of what's goin on... in addition to Tactical Squad and Assault Squad :) I'm getting ready for my first siege battle, where I'm not the defending part. Defending fortress has been quite easy the last two times (just luck I guess), so I'm worried about the next game, where I have to climb over the fortress walls filled with dryads and sharp shooting woodies...  This is a good opportunity to try out the spider riders in action (Wall Crawlers, Creeping Assault), and get to paint some. Not much done yet, but here's some pics...

First I had to dig all twenty from my Orc horde box... It was quite a challenge to find all the pieces.
There's my Gigantic Spider also, that I'm gonna fix up for the siege to come.

I sprayed them with primers... I use Army Painters range. I've seen loads of spiders painted red, green or black, so I decided to try something else here... And gave the spiders a bright blue prime color.

Here's all twenty assembled without glue at this point. I'm gonna paint the spider, rider and the base individually.

Here's the first WIP of the paint job. Just trying out some color themes here. I'm really not sure of the purple feathers... Bright red would be more agressive color, and less gayish for Orcs & Goblins army. With my High Elves army purple feathers go just fine :) Let me know if you have an opinion...

Any way, I think the blue color goes nicely with the spider. I'm a big fan of half 90's WHpainting style, so I like bright colors in the army.

I'll be back with the feather issue soon... Bye now!

11 Nov 2013

Serpents of Hellfire, Assault Squad

Hi there! While having my Serpents Tactical Squad still on painting table, I'm already making myself another project. On top of other projects... You know how it goes. Well here's what I got together from my bitz box last night, three new Assault Marines with Chain Swords and Plasma Pistols. Now the whole unit has Plasma... I hope they don't "get hot" too often.

Jump Packs are from my old Assault Marines (Maxmini products), who resently got re-assigned to Veterans unit...

Primed and Jump Packs glued...

Here's whole happy family. The one on the left is really old stuff. As you can see, I liked to drybrush things back then... But I think I leave him that way. Fits the unit well enough. More to come soon. Bye now!

7 Nov 2013

5th Company, IV Tactical WIP

Hello! Here's a pic of the first combat squad (five minis), that I managed to get painted... Here in Finland it's starting to get challenging to get good fotos of the minis... for we have no daylight after four of clock :( I have to buy some lighting gear for the "dark time", to get my blog fotos done. I hate winter. 

Marines are still missing some details. Like the eyes, battle damage, company badges, chapter symbols, basing, etc... Getting there soon, I hope.
I'm thinking to swap the Missile Launcher for Heavy Bolter... It's better weapon for many jobs. And with Hellfire Shells, of course! Bye now!

2 Nov 2013

Serpents of Hellfire, 5th Company, IV Tactical

I had these jolly fellows primed long time ago... Finally got them on my painting table. Three of them  has some progress, but none of them is ready. But here's some WIP pics, to show that I'm doing something for the hobby :) 

These are the Tactical Squad from Assault on Black Reach Box (Except the flamer). Even if the minis have very similar poses it doesn't bother me, for the quality of sculpting and little details makes the unit as a whole look really good. I especially dig the Sergeant, giving orders... More to come soon. Bye now!

28 Oct 2013

Sneaky Git of Eight Peaks

Hello! I finished one of My Blood in the Badlands Generals: Sneaky Git of Eight Peaks, the largest goblin in the Old World...

Sneaky Git has intriqued he's way to one of the Warlord Skarsnik's generals. He impressed everybody with he's size, heavy Black Orc armor, and "Neck Snappa", he's great axe.  But nobody knows the truth behind this enormous gobbo, except two little goblins... Sneaky and Git, who together actually are "The" Sneaky Git of Eight Peaks...

These two lucky little critters found some dusty remains of a slayed Black Orc somewhere around the Border Princes. On their way back home, as they got closer to their tribe, they started to get worried of getting robbed, and losing the great loot.

That's when they came up with a genious plan (in Goblin standards), to punch two peep holes in the armours chest plate. Then, as Sneaky got on Git's shoulders and they jumped in the armour, they became the most fierce Goblin there ever lived. No one would dare to rob them now...

Cherry on the cake was the great axe "Neck Snappa", and some white linen (feared color among the green skins:) that they grabbed from a sorry travelling merchant. They walked through the gates of Karak Eight Peaks as a born legend...

And it even fits in the hordes ranks like a glove... Sneaky Git was kit bashed without any green stuff involved, so it was nice and fast project. It brings little humour and story to he's army. I like it :) Bye now!

19 Oct 2013

Back with the Hobby, and Siege of Mount Bloodhorn

Hi there... It's been a while since my last posting. I had pretty big drawing project going on that had my full attention for three weeks, but now the deadline is reached and pictures ready for printing :) Now I'm planning on what minis to paint next. I have many good ideas, so it's hard to decide where to start.

Meanwhile, I'll post some older battle pics from the "Siege of Mount Bloodhorn", that we played few weeks ago. It was an season end game from our Blood in the Badlands campaign. It was played simultaneously with six players, on three different tables. Here's how the action looked like...

This is my defending force for the "Gates of Ekrund" scenario (2250pts). Infantry units are not all presented full size for there's no room on the fortress walls... I usually have ten models in a unit and mark the actual unit size and casualties on my armylist.

First action pics are from the "Bitterstone Mine" scenario, fought between Empire and Skavens. It was fought as "Battle for the Pass" with Underground rules. Winner would emerge on the Gates of Ekrund as relief forces, bringing all surviving models on the table.

Second pics are from "Stonemine Tower". It was played as a Watchtower scenario between Chaos Dwarfs and Wood Elves. Here also the winning, surviving models were moved to the Gates of Ekrund as relief forces.

And finally the "Gates of Ekrund" scenario. It was a normal siege scenario, except the relief forces were the survivors from other tables, so you didn't know if it was friend or foe coming :)


 Dwarf siege tower was burned down right away with "Flaming Ammuntion" siege equipment. Little clumsy dwarfs were running out of it, with their beards and asses on fire. It was like a 4th of July for the Greenskins...

Pump Wagons pumping themselves towards absurdly heavy dwarf artillery, that was dropping the greenskins down the fortress walls like flies. And my rocklobba sideways on top of the tower, not taking cover, but missfired...

Relief forces arrived in turn five... All friendly for the Orcs!!! Hooray! Woodies and Empire forces were all slayed on the slopes of Mount Bloodhorn.

As a last attempt, dwarf miners bravely entered the fortress... just to find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Giant jumped up and down, and thunder stomped them out of the game in one combat round. Splat! There was nothing left to chew for my Generals pet wyvern "Baity". And now all enemies were down...

The game was awesome, and we all had a great time. And of course the season ending victory for the Forces of Destruction tasted good! More Blood on the Badlands later... Bye now!