26 Feb 2014

Kung Fu Biel-Tan Wraithlord

More firepower to my Epic Eldar Guardian detachment... I changed the pose abit, to make it ready for some close combat action. Two more Wraithlords to go. They are nice to paint... considering the Epic scale. More soon...

9 Feb 2014

A bridge too Far

Hi there! I finally got this model bridge carried to our place. It's a small scale model from our Theater, build for a play that we worked on a year ago... We actually had to build a stage size bridge, that collapsed in every show. That was a bit challenging. But we got it done :)

But how does the bridge work in Warhammer use..? As you can see, the bridge is 120cm long (about 48'') wich is just the right length across the full game table. The base is longer, so it goes too far, and needs to be cutted (or removed... would be better). It's 12cm (4,8'') wide, so you can load up your marines in formation quite easily. There's also room for vehicles.

Here's a small army crossing the bridge... This piece works nicely as an objective, or just tactical piece of scenery.

It looks a little dull at this point, but after fixing the broken pieces, removing the duct tape, adding some details, and repainting and washing... it's gonna be great. Perfect carage project for summer. Bye now!