31 Dec 2016

Blood Bowl: High Elves in Caledorian Colors WIP

Hello there! Here's the last posting for 2016 for me... I just started another Blood Bowl team. This time it's High Elves. These minis are the good stuff from 1997, the Galadrieth Gladiators! WhenI got this boxed set in my hand I was amazed. It was in such a great condition that it could have been purchased yesterday :) The owner had it stored in the mini cupboard for years and years...

Well here's the WIP-picture of the Linemen that I got in paints today...

I took some inspiration from 5th edition Fantasy Battle, and decided to paint them in the same color theme as the Dragon Princes of Caledor used to be.. at least in the cover of the boxed set that time.

These are all the seven linemen that comes in the box... Next I get to the "special" position players: Phoenix Warrior (Thrower), Lion Warrior (Catcher), and the Dragon Warrior (Blitzer).

Here's pics of the old Galadrieth Gladiators boxed set... It's so cool and in good condition :)

Ok! That's it for the year 2016... Happy New Year everybody!!!

15 Dec 2016

Blood Bowl: New Human Team Painted

Hello! After three long nights of painting new Blood Bowl humies, I finally got them ready for action! Whole team was painted in Reikland Reavers color theme, but I left the team symbols off from the uniform, for I wanted some recycling value for the team, and name it myself later :). Both teams, Humans and Orcs, went to the local game shop for some demo-sessions... That's why the "rule book color" theme. Here's some pics...


Catchers, which are my favorite minis in the great new human team...

Blitzers are really cool too... but in my opinion, they could have differed from the lineman a bit more.

And here are the linemen... They are also a nice lookin group. Altogether, the sculpting on the new human team really rocks! And they paint up really nicely, without too much deatails on them.

 This was my fifth painted Blood Bowl team this year, and I got more coming on January... More of that later... Bye now!

10 Dec 2016

Blood Bowl: New Orcs in Gouged Eye Colors

Hi there! I just finished the new Blood Bowl Orcs. I painted them up in the Gouged Eye Team colors... And here's the pics!


I wanted to paint the different color stripes to all of the bases, to tell the position of the player. They are in classic Blood Bowl "base ring" colors. White:Thrower, Green:Blocker, Grey:Lineman, and Red for Blitzer. I like the little detail on the new throwers pants... the hole that reveals a piece of Orcish ass :)

Bobs... Or Black Orc Blockers. Heavily armoured and bad tempered.

Rear view...

Blitzers are the coolest pair in the team, in my opinion... Really nice sculpting. They look batshit crazy in those masks.

Rear again...

And then your basic guys... the Lineman.

Even more Lineman...

And the final ass shot... and there you have it. I'll be back with the Humies soon. Bye now!

25 Nov 2016

New Blood Bowl Orcs: WIP

Hi there! Got my box today! I'm very pleased with the minis... and everything else in the box :) I started painting right away, and had to post a quick WIP of my first orc on the painting table!

More to come soon... Bye now!

24 Nov 2016

Iron Warriors: Nurgled Hellbrute

Hi there! Here's something more for the Iron Warriors I've been working on lately.

It was really cool mini to paint. All the well converted Nurgle parts were on it before I got my hands around this... So I can only take credit for the paint job :)

Next some more Blood Bowl stuff... Bye now!

21 Nov 2016

Blood Bowl: Dark Elf Team Painted

Hello there! A while ago I was asked to paint the classic "Naggaroth Nightmares" box, and some extras... I was excited of the opportunity, to get to work with this really cool team. And it was fun all the way. Color theme was purple and pink, and of course some black leather... :)  Here's the pics.

Back Bone of the attacking team... the Throwers. "Long Bomb coming... Go deep!!!"

Witch Elves, fast and frenzy babes...

Dark elf Blitzers...

Linemen in a nice line..!

Cheer Leaders keeps your morals up, and lifts the spirit..!

Especially when viewed from behind :)

And if that does'nt help, there's all ways a slash from the coaches whip! Keeps you going (for it) for that extra square...

One more group shot! Bye now!

4 Nov 2016

Iron Warrior Raptors and the Dark Apostole

Hello! I got the last bit of the Iron Warriors commission done... The Raptors and one piece of Dark Apostole, to back the army up in the fields of battle. Here's the pics!

It's been awhile since I've been doing any metal minis... It was weird to feel the weight of these big guys... and try to assemble them :) Really nice and beautifully sculpted miniatures...

Here's the squad from different angle, to show the bases better... I made a decision to paint the base in the theme of the Raptors, with some glow and sparks from their Jump Packs. They came out Ok!

Here's the Dark Apostole. This was my first experience on the "Fine Cast" line of miniatures... and if I have any say in the matter, it was allso the last one. I mean, now I realize what's all the fuzz been about... Cutting this fella out of the sprue was a surgical operation. The material breaks up really easily, and the casting excess was plenty.
After cutting, I did'nt get the pieces stick together with any glue. Finally I succeeded with some Citadel super glue and Army Painters glue activator... And finally... the paint did'nt stick to it. After washing the mini with Fairy, I got it primed with Army Painter Dragon Red. (Phew!)

Well... all ended up Ok. And the result was satisfying...

One more group shot... Bye now!

16 Oct 2016

Another Iron Warriors Rhino Painted

I got the other IW-Rhino painted the other day... And here's the pics for you!

And pics of the Rhinos together... Ready for some action.

Iron Warrior Raptors coming soon... Bye now!

8 Oct 2016

Iron Warriors Rhino

Hi there! Here's some pics of my latest commission. Iron Warriors Rhino 1/2. There's also some Raptors coming...

More coming soon... Bye now!