4 Nov 2016

Iron Warrior Raptors and the Dark Apostole

Hello! I got the last bit of the Iron Warriors commission done... The Raptors and one piece of Dark Apostole, to back the army up in the fields of battle. Here's the pics!

It's been awhile since I've been doing any metal minis... It was weird to feel the weight of these big guys... and try to assemble them :) Really nice and beautifully sculpted miniatures...

Here's the squad from different angle, to show the bases better... I made a decision to paint the base in the theme of the Raptors, with some glow and sparks from their Jump Packs. They came out Ok!

Here's the Dark Apostole. This was my first experience on the "Fine Cast" line of miniatures... and if I have any say in the matter, it was allso the last one. I mean, now I realize what's all the fuzz been about... Cutting this fella out of the sprue was a surgical operation. The material breaks up really easily, and the casting excess was plenty.
After cutting, I did'nt get the pieces stick together with any glue. Finally I succeeded with some Citadel super glue and Army Painters glue activator... And finally... the paint did'nt stick to it. After washing the mini with Fairy, I got it primed with Army Painter Dragon Red. (Phew!)

Well... all ended up Ok. And the result was satisfying...

One more group shot... Bye now!

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