30 Nov 2009

Prince Alaitoc

Here´s a High Elf Hero that I´ve been painting from mid 90´s... I think. It´s been on and off my painting table :) Month ago I finally desided to give it it´s final paint job (in between other projects). Also made the basing job with some sand and dead grass...

I can´t remember if the horse is original, or have I taken it from one of my Silver Helms... Anyway, I have added the spear, orc head (a really old one), banner and a bow. Rest of it is original.

The miniature has a funny mix of old and new painting job... I added some new high lights over old layers, but left some old details as they were. Like the little hearts in clothing and the ribbon on the shield... The heart pattern was inspired from Mike MacVey´s Old Prince Tyrion, painted in High Elf army book from 1993. The colors and paint job on that mini still makes me wonder the skills of MacVey!

And writing this I can spot two gems still unpainted... Crap!!!

28 Nov 2009

Another Battle Brother

Here´s one more Battle Brother for my 5th Company 2nd Tactical... Finished yesterday... Tried to make it really damaged and dusty look. Sorry bout poor quality of the pic again... :(

MK3 Serpent of Hellfire

Ok... I glued on one of the heads from Maxmini. I think this really works out fine. It gives a feeling of MK3 power armour. Had to make one of the shoulder pads bigger to give armour more MK3 look, so I just grabbed one pad from my chaos marine bits box, and removed Chaos markings with knife :) Me likes it!

26 Nov 2009

Maxmini order arrived

So... My Maxmini order arrived today. Really good service I think. I got everything I ordered and the delivery was really fast. I made the order at Sunday and today I have them in my hands :D
So four days from Warszawa Poland to Turku Finland... I recommend!!!

The bits are way cooler and better looking than in the Maxmini webstore pages :D They are the greatest thing I have purchased for a while..!

Can´t wait to try these Pirate Orc heads to my Boyz unit...
"AAaarrrrrr...! Letz burn all da human vezzels dat we can find Ladz... and steal dem tricksy treasure maps!"

And these Steam Knight helmets will look great on my Serpents of Hellfire marines... They look pretty much like old MK2 and MK3 power armour helmets, and there´s allso some heads with no helmets. That´s always cool... "Ohhh, suit you sir"!

Sorry bout poor quality of the pics...

25 Nov 2009

Rune Quest minis

I bought some new minis (again)... but this time not for Warhammer or 40K. I have been game master for Rune Quest for many many many years now, and I´ve noticed that we have never used any minis in our playing sessions... Well, that´s gonna change now :)

This Celt warband regiment box dropped in my hand at the local fantasy gaming store... And I saw them right away as Humakt and Orlanth worshipers. We haven´t played Rune for few years now (because my lack of time), but this feels like an inspiration to wipe the dust from my Rune Quest library :)

And here they are assembled... Quite a punch of rebels for Lunars to chew on :)
For some reason I desided to glue them on 40K bases... Got plenty of those I guess...

Close up of Orlanthi...

And some Humakti... No shirts or armour of course, so I can paint some Rune tattoos and warpaint on them :)

It´s not like I really needed another painting project right now, with aside my Fantasy Battle and 40K projects ... But the minis just fell on my lap, I swear. (Truth is I have ADHD...
or Full HD)

10 Nov 2009

Hellfire 1st Company Veterans

Here´s three of the 1st Company Veterans. I have published a picture of dude on the left earlier in this blog, but two other veterans on the right side are some oldies goldies that I just found from my miniature cupboard... Had to take pictures of them too :)

Lightly converted... The middle Veteran has a Chaos marine heavy bolter (as a trophy of course :)). Right one made completely out of marine bits. The banner and serpent symbol from High Elves bits. The two oldies participated on "Chapter Master" painting competition back in year something... I use different basing technique now, I noticed. ;)

8 Nov 2009

Band of Brothers

Here´s something I´m working on at the moment... I decided to start painting my Serpents of Hellfire troops... So far I have only painted Terminators and few individuals...

I have lots of marines still in boxes. Tacticals, Devastators, Veterans, Terminators and of course the Dreadnought and Heroes... I think that Tactical squad is good to start with. Here´s five of them finished in Serpents of Hellfire colors. (5th company 2nd tactical) Some details still missing, like the chapter insignia (same as Dark Angels), but I´ll add them later :)

The Serpents are Dark Angel successor chapter, one of the Unforgiven, and pretty much all about "Something went wrong in the implantation of the gene-seed". As we know, all Neophytes don´t survive it, or it drives them mad... The Serpents are mentally unstable punch of warriors. Too unpredictable to be a Dark Angel, but too valuable to throw away... in the eyes of the inner sircle. So they are kept as a secret chapter, deep inside the Rock. They are used in desperate or secret missions, to spare valuable Dark Angel lives and to maintain Dark Angel diplomatic impartiality in some shady campaigns.

Not the most prosperous chapter... They like to collect combat gear as trophys, from the fallen enemy. (nice excuse to make some interesting convertions...)

Serpents leader, Supreme Master Catulus Übermann takes orders only from Azrael of Dark Angels.

I apologize... I ment only to publish the picutre, but got carried away with the writing!