12 Aug 2011

Space Marine Project: Iron Warriors ready for war

Allrighty then... here´s few WIP-pics first.

Here I´m done with the high lights. Gold parts with Burnished Gold... adding some Mithril Silver 4:1. Metal parts done with with Chain Mail.

Here´s group shot with the Chapter symbols done. They turned out ok, I think... They´re not identical, and that wasn´t actually my goal, but instead I tried to make them individually cool :)

Then I added some IW-stripes to different places. Sword, shoulder, legs...

Heres a bit lower perspective... Now you can see the sripes on the Heavy bolter dude also :)

And here they are... Four Iron Warriors advancing from the ruins...

And fleeing back for cover... No, really, Chaos Marines don´t flee. Maybe the nature is calling ( these guys really do everything as a unit :).

11 Aug 2011

Space Marine Project: Iron Warriors WIP 2

Here´s some more pics of the Iron Warriors... I have used the same colors as in my last posting.

Metal parts painted with Bolt Gun Metal

Gold parts with Tausept Ochre...

Followed by a layer of Burnished Gold.

Then a heavy wash with Devlan Mud... (Muddy Goodness:) As I´m writing this, I have allready painted the high lights and added some details... Like horns to the Bolter guy and some free painted IW symbols (wich turned out to be quite tricky) But I´ll post those pics tomorrow, hopefully... Bye now! Gotta sleeeeep...

6 Aug 2011

Space Marine Project: Iron Warriors WIP

I started working on the Iron Warriors... here´s few WIP pics of what I´ve done so far.

Assembled minis. Poses came out pretty nice... I just had to take the Heavy Bolter to the group :) It´s the coolest looking weapon in 40k...

Chaos Black undercoat to the whole group...

I picked up one mini from the group to be the experiment piece, and painted the metal parts with Bolt Gun Metal. (forgot the sword at this point)

Then I painted the gold parts with Tausept Ochre.

After that I painted a coat of Burnished Gold on the Tausept Ochre.

Here I gave the whole mini a coat of Devlan Mud.

After the wash I high lighted the metal parts with Chainmail and the gold parts with Burnished Gold again...

Here I have added some details, like the stripes on the Plasma Pistol, red eyes, red sword grip, and stuff...

Here´s a daylight picture :) Little better I think. I will add the chapter symbol later, and maybe some more IW stripes.

One more pick from the back. I´ll be back soon..! :)

4 Aug 2011

Space Marine Project: Emperors Children done

Emperors Children are ready! So here´s two pics of the minis. Hope you like em. I think the Iron Warriors are next chapter under construction... we´ll see :)