31 Jan 2013

First of the Gripping Beast Vikings

Hi there! I got around assemblying and painting my first Viking Hirdmen mini. I'm not collecting historical army of Thor... but aim to use them in my Rune Quest campaign. Here´s some pics of Viking swingin  the "Mighty Dane axe" The mini represents one of the Orlanthi hero-characters in Rune... Amblech "Sure Hands". I'm planning to add some runes to the mini later :)

Bye now!

30 Jan 2013

Captin' Crooked Hook and other Boyz

 Hi there! Fast update with the Pirate Boyz here... The old Orc Boys miniatures have brilliant sculpting. No unnecessary details, and lots of clear surfaces to work on... so they really paint up fast and nicely. I only gave some extra effort with the MaxMini pirate heads here, for I thought they deserved it. But still I tried to keep the paint job simple. Still have to do the bases though...

Here´s "Captin' Crooked Hook".  Dorky convershun' with the hook there... Took it from some Night Gobbo banner I think. :)

First Mate "Wonky Jaws"... I really dig that pirate head. Would work in 40K too!

And here´s just one of da Boyz. Black scarf and eyepatch naturally.

That´s all for now... Bye!

27 Jan 2013

The Edge of the Empire, and other purchases

Hi there! Just a quick posting here about the latest purchases in the hobby field...

I went to the local game shop to buy some comics... Hellboy and Savage Sword of Conan Vol.1 and stuff... But I left the shop with this in my bag, and forgot to buy the comics...

It´s a quite new release from Fantasy Flight Games. A beginners role playing box... with quite nice contents, and I think a promising taste for oncoming 448 pages "Core Book". So I had to have this with a nice price of 30€...

There are some nice booklets inside, covering the basic rules and a starting adventure. I just got a glance of them, so I can´t give any opinions about them  yet. Well... the art is brilliant, and the game core rules seems to be quite simple to learn...  And that´s just what I like to have in my games. Simple rules behind a good adventure. Also I´d like to have some board game like action in the game... so I´d get my hundreds of Star Wars minis in some use... And this looks promising :)

Some tokens and weird dice... not surprising from FFG.

Some "ready to play" characters for the starting adventure. With a fast reading, they seemed Ok... They even had a really good Star Wars-like background stories, that weren´t too tacky... in a Star Wars universe way :)

Map of the Krayt Fang... and the hangar.

And on the other side there´s the map of Mos Shuuta, and some significant locations. The adventure seems to be mostly about escaping Tatooine, and running from Huttese crime lords mercenaries and bounty hunters... Perfect stuff for my games.

Finally got this baby... And it seems great! The book is pretty good hard cover quality, and the Dark Angels seems to be  quite balanced army again... Just the "Death Wing assault" Deep Strike rule with addition of "Vengeful Strike" (All ranged weapons as having Twin-linked special rule until the end of the turn) seems quite heavy shit for the opponents. But they deserve it, right?

And I finally got my Vikings from the Gripping Beast... They are amazing, as you can see from the link... for I havent got any pics from the inside yet :) Great details, skillful and inventive sculpting. I will use them as Orlanthi and Humakti in my Rune Quest campaign. Thats all for now. Bye!

21 Jan 2013

Orc Boyz, First Attempt

Hello! Black Orcs second rank is coming up nicely, but I needed a little break from the mean, big choppa guys... and decided to take a swing at one of my Orc Boyz. It's one from the "Pirate Orcs" unit that I was working on along time ago. Well, the only thing changed for most of the minis are the heads actually. I ordered the Pirate Orc Boyz heads from Maxmini. And I think they look great! There's also some Goblin pirate heads available from Maxmini. Haven't ordered them... yet.

Well anyways, here's some pics...

After black primer I painted three layers of Warboss Green, to get a nice result. Next time I´m gonna try Armypainters Goblin Green in a can for a primer. If it's any good, I'll save alot of time.

Then rest of the prime colors. Mournfang Brown for the leather parts. Leadbelcher for the metal. Ushabti Bone to the teeth, and little Blood Red for the sunglasses :)

Same from behind. You can see little Tau Light Ochre there in belt and strings (I don't mean the underwear).

Then washes were made with Nuln Oil for metal and leather parts. I used Agrax Earthshade for the orc skin and the teeth.

I slapped some highlights on... For first layers I used the original layers colors. For second layer I just added some white to the paint. Fast and simple. Metal parts were highlighted with Runefang Steel, and for the black clothing I used Dawnstone.

And same from behind...  That's all folks. Bye now!

20 Jan 2013

Black Orcs, First rank ready

Hello! Just got the first rank of my Black Orcs painted. I think I´m gonna paint four ranks of six Blackies... I´ve played twice with a horde of thirty on the table, but the broblem was that they are hard to maneuver, and no one wants to fight them :) So I think twenty-four is just the right amount.

I painted the Champion with black metal theme, to get a distinct feeling to it... I´m happy with the result. Now it´s just eighteen to go :) Bye now!

13 Jan 2013

Pimp my Snotling Pump Wagon #2

Hi there! Both of the "old classics" re-painted now... It was really fun job to give them some new color. I added some snotlings to both wagons and made the basing job, and that was it. Thinking backwards, I would have been smart to paint the snotlings before glueing them to the wagons... It was really tricky to paint them from all angles. Well, I´ll be smarter next time, if I am to find a fourth of these beauties... Here´s some pics of the second wagon!

This Pump Wagon didn´t have the "pumping crew", so I had to improvise some from other snotties...
I really like the snotling on the roof, mocking the enemy by jesting with he´s tongue out :) That´s great stuff... Here´s some more pics, of all three together.

My opinion of the Pump Wagons in game... Thery´re priceless! They´re cheap in points value. You can bully the deployment phase putting them one at a time on the field, and make your opponent react to them. They move 3d6 inches (4d6 inches with the Out-rigga), which means they are perfect to hunt down enemy warmachines. They draw enemy fire in first rounds of game, leaving your main army advance more safely. And if you really want to "pump them up"... it´s expencive, but at best you can make 2d6 STR5 impact hits with no armour saves allowed... I managed to roll "twelve" in my last game against Dwarfs. The beards were tangled in the spiky rollers, and it felt gooooooood! Bye now!

1 Jan 2013

Pimp My Snotling Pump Wagon #1

Allrighty then... This was just one evenings job, I was happy to realize. As I said in the previous posting, the base colors were pretty nicely done with these wagons when I purchased them... Just the Snotty´s were little bit strangely colored. All I did here, was paint and re-position some of the Snotlings again, and I gave some heavy washes and fast high lights to the wagon... The base was done with a same theme as my first wagon, to fit the army theme. Here´s the pics.

The wagon was all brown when I started with it... also the metal parts. So I just slapped some dots of metal to them before wash, leaving some brown to show beneath. It gave a nice and fast rust effect to them I think...

The poison mushrooms were one detail that I just had to repaint... I think they really gave more sneekyness and loonyness to the model.

Just noticed that I forgot to paint the edges of the base with Graveyard Earth again, after washing the sand... well, suck it up!

Bye now! And Happy New Year to everybody who wanders to read this blog!