31 Jan 2013

First of the Gripping Beast Vikings

Hi there! I got around assemblying and painting my first Viking Hirdmen mini. I'm not collecting historical army of Thor... but aim to use them in my Rune Quest campaign. Here´s some pics of Viking swingin  the "Mighty Dane axe" The mini represents one of the Orlanthi hero-characters in Rune... Amblech "Sure Hands". I'm planning to add some runes to the mini later :)

Bye now!


  1. Lovely paint job, and nice mini choice too.
    It would be really cool if you did some sort of report of that Rune Quest campaign you're planning to do.
    I for one, have never tried R.Quest so would love to know how it feels.

  2. That's a good idea! I just might do that. The campaign has been going on for years. Story is quite long to this point... and many of the characters died along the way. But I could start from the point that we are now, with few pages from the adventure journal... Cheers!