27 Jan 2013

The Edge of the Empire, and other purchases

Hi there! Just a quick posting here about the latest purchases in the hobby field...

I went to the local game shop to buy some comics... Hellboy and Savage Sword of Conan Vol.1 and stuff... But I left the shop with this in my bag, and forgot to buy the comics...

It´s a quite new release from Fantasy Flight Games. A beginners role playing box... with quite nice contents, and I think a promising taste for oncoming 448 pages "Core Book". So I had to have this with a nice price of 30€...

There are some nice booklets inside, covering the basic rules and a starting adventure. I just got a glance of them, so I can´t give any opinions about them  yet. Well... the art is brilliant, and the game core rules seems to be quite simple to learn...  And that´s just what I like to have in my games. Simple rules behind a good adventure. Also I´d like to have some board game like action in the game... so I´d get my hundreds of Star Wars minis in some use... And this looks promising :)

Some tokens and weird dice... not surprising from FFG.

Some "ready to play" characters for the starting adventure. With a fast reading, they seemed Ok... They even had a really good Star Wars-like background stories, that weren´t too tacky... in a Star Wars universe way :)

Map of the Krayt Fang... and the hangar.

And on the other side there´s the map of Mos Shuuta, and some significant locations. The adventure seems to be mostly about escaping Tatooine, and running from Huttese crime lords mercenaries and bounty hunters... Perfect stuff for my games.

Finally got this baby... And it seems great! The book is pretty good hard cover quality, and the Dark Angels seems to be  quite balanced army again... Just the "Death Wing assault" Deep Strike rule with addition of "Vengeful Strike" (All ranged weapons as having Twin-linked special rule until the end of the turn) seems quite heavy shit for the opponents. But they deserve it, right?

And I finally got my Vikings from the Gripping Beast... They are amazing, as you can see from the link... for I havent got any pics from the inside yet :) Great details, skillful and inventive sculpting. I will use them as Orlanthi and Humakti in my Rune Quest campaign. Thats all for now. Bye!

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