31 Oct 2015

Dungeon Floor Stamp: Experimental...

Hello! It's been a while... I have been painting, but lazy at posting. This one I wanted to share anyways. The "dungeon floor stamp" is an idea from DM Scotty again, as in my earlier posting, with the "barrels from corrugated card board"... And I recommend again, to go and see he's brilliant ideas from youtube!!! Here's a link to he's 2,5D dungeon system starter video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG5x8yY48LM.

Here's how my floor turned out...

 First I divided a piece of foam board to 25mm sections... The piece itself is 125mm x 125mm large.

 Then I used a carpet knife to cut along the lines.

Next I cutted some stone patterns to the tiles... And the stamp is done!

Next I took some hard board pieces, that I got awailable for free... I cutted them in 30 x 25cm size.
I primed one of them with black and brown spray paint.

Here's my  palette for the stamp... I applied the paint to the stamp with a sponge.

And here's the results for my first stamping... As you can see I need some practise to find the right lines to press the stamp. Maybe I'll make some kind of liner tool for it... But still I'm pleased with the results..! It looks quite good, and I'm inspired to do some more. Stamp itself is easy to clean with warm water and a brush. I'll be back with this later. Bye now!

3 Oct 2015

Arachnarok Spider: WIP

Hello! As I mentioned in my last posting, I'm getting prepaired for a massive "final battle" of our Blood in the Badlands campaign. Part of that is getting my Arachnarok Spider painted. Here's what I've achieved so far...

I chose the color theme to be same as with my Forest Goblin Spider Riders...

Here's another shot from a different angle... Ok, back to painting. Bye now!