26 Feb 2011

Dawn of War - Squad Bromius WIP again

Squad Bromius almost done. I finished the red parts. Same tricks as with the earlier squads... Army painter Pure Red primer. Wash with Devlan Mud. High lights first with Blood Red and second with Blazing Orange.
I still have few details to fill in... then I´m on to the basing part. I hope I get to take the group shot later tonight.

22 Feb 2011

Dawn of War - Squad Bromius WIP

Allrighty then... I got the white parts painted, with the same old recipe. Bleached bone under coat (three layers, to get smooth result :), wash with Gryphonne Sepia. High lights with B-Bone again, and finally with Skull White. Then I added some battle damage and chipping. Also got the chapter symbols done... and Sergeants face. I´m happy so far...

21 Feb 2011

Dawn of War - Squad Bromius

Quick update on DoW-Project... so you can see what I´ve been up to. Here´s the first pic of the Squad Bromius. As I was putting the squad together, I decided to keep it interesting for my self and you out there... and do something differently this time. Nothing too radical... :) but I played around with the bits choices, and assembled the Sergeant without the flag this time, and gave him the Imperial Laurel above his head. I think it was a nice touch... Hope you like it.

Here they are with the primer done (Army painter - Pure red), and washed with Devlan Mud. Metal parts are painted with Boltgun Metal, washed with Devlan Mud, and high lighted with Chain Mail. Gold parts are painted first with a Vallejo 332 for under coat, then with burnished gold. Wash with Devlan Mud. High lights first with Burnished Gold, then with 1:1 Burnished Gold and Mithril Silver. To be continued... :)

15 Feb 2011

DoW - Squad Faidon, Group shot

Now I got the bases done, and it´s time for a group shot :) So here you have it... Squad Faidon in action, somewhere in Aurelia sector!

I still found some details that needed some more work... they´re all fixed now (I hope :). At least I´m very happy with the result. Bases are covered with Citadel sand, and painted with Grave Yard Earth. Then wash with Devlan Mud, high light (dry brushing ) with Bleached Bone and finally with Skull White on the edges of the base. That leaves a darker tone right under the figure and creates kind of a shadow effect.

Here´s a link to the official Dawn of War site (in Finnish, but you can change the language of course)... I forgot to post it earlier :)  You should check it out, if you haven´t done it yet! There´s gonna be some serious Orc / Eldar / Chaos / Tyranid / Blood Raven action coming! One detail really got my attention... Eldars are NOT from Biel-Tan Craftworld (as in 99 from a 100), but they´re actually Alaitoc this time around :D Cool!

13 Feb 2011

Dawn of War - Squad Faidon painted

Squad Faidon is ready with the paint job. Painting method is a bit different from last squad (Thales)...  Recipes for colors are the same, but I just decided to paint all five Termies at the same time. I´m not sure if I managed to paint the squad any faster, but I think the result is somehow better...  more coherent. I don´t know... you tell me :)  Here´s the close ups... 

 Teminator with Cyclone missile launcher

Terminator with Assault Cannon

Terminator with Storm Bolter

Terminator with Heavy Flamer...

And Sergeant with Power Sword and Storm Bolter

I will get back with these guys when I get the bases and group shot done... Asap :)

11 Feb 2011

Dawn of War - Squad Faidon

Just a quick update on the DoW - Project... I´ve been painting the second squad (Faidon) for few nights now. Here are the first pics.

Here they are assembled. I tried to make the poses different from squad Thales. I also used different bits this time.

Here they are with the white parts painted. I decided to paint the Cyclone missiles white this time... I think it´s a good color for them.

And here I´m done with the metal parts... I´m especially happy with the Sergeants power sword. That´s all this time. Gotta go... there´s some painting to do ;)

8 Feb 2011

Dawn of War - Competition Started..!

Just a quick posting, for now it´s out there... Competition announced and started. Here´s a link to the Game Reactors (Finland) site, where you can take part to the competition. You have to live in Finland to take part through this link! Sweden. Denmark, and Norway will have their own competition of course... And there also, you have to be citizen to take part on the competition. So check out your local Game Reactor site to take part...

Anyways... I got my paint brushes on fire... Working on a second squad. I´ll post some WIP pictures soon :)

6 Feb 2011

DoW - Squad Thales painted

Scanning the area...

 And here´s close ups of all the Terminators, with basing done :)

5 Feb 2011

DoW - Heavy Flamer ready

I´ts been a while since last posting... Sorry bout that. A bit of a nasty flu in the family :) But I´m back on my feet again, and here´s few WIP pics of the Squad Thales Heavy Flamer.

 Here I´m done with painting red... And couple of bullet holes on the left leg. I just painted the holes with black, and then high lighted around the lower part of the hole with Blazing Orange.

And now I´m done with the metal parts. All is done as in the earlier posts... The heating effect on the flamer is done very simply, with few layers of Gryphonne Sepia wash. Then I high lighted the washed area carefully with Mithril Silver.

Here I´ve painted the white parts. Nothing special to say about that... :)

And here´s a shot from a different angle... Hope you like it!   So, Now the "Squad Thales" is complete. All five Termies painted, and I´m happy with the result. I´ve already taken the "happy group shot" and I will try and post it later to night... Over and Out, for now.