29 Mar 2011

Dust - Minis2

Finally I found some time to finish the basing on the second Recon Grenadier... and take some pics. Machine gunner is painted with the same colors as the first one. So here´s the pics :)

And here´s the "army of two" group shot :)

22 Mar 2011

Dust - Minis

On my last posting I planned to paint something green... Well, I was supposed to continue working with my Green skin rock lobba, but something else came up. My friend asked me to paint two Dust Tactics "Recon Grenadiers" minis. I had never heard of this game. The minis looked great... and had some heavy Death Corps feeling in the sculpting... so I instantly agreed :)

I looked the game up from the Fantasy Flight Games site and googled some pictures of the minis. Have to say that the game looks very interesting and minis are cool. Might get me some... In the fist pic the minis already have a white base coat that my buddy had painted with airbrush.

Well on with the painting... I decided to do things my way, and planned my own colors for the minis. Pics on the box and internet looked fine, but I wanted to paint something more than just different shades of gray.
Here´s what I came up with...

First I gave the mini black under coat. On the clothing I used Codex Gray and leather parts with Tausept Ochre. Metal parts were painted with Boltgun Metal. Lenses on the gas mask with Emerald Green. Panzer Faust on the minis back was given 1:1 Knarloc Green and Tausept Ochre base coat. Then I gave heavy wash of Devlan Mud (of course) all over the mini...

Clothing was then high lighted with Codex Gray again and finally with Astronomican gray. Metal parts with Chain Mail. Leather parts with Tausept Ochre and final high light with the same adding some Bleached Bone. Panzer Faust with the original mix, adding some B-Bone to it. Lenses with Emerald green and Skull white mix, then added the white dots. Black parts I high lighted with Codex Gray... and I think that´s it.  Very simple palette :)

And here it is with the base done... I´ll be back later with the Machine Gun dude :)

5 Mar 2011

Dawn of War - Final Chapter

Allrighty... All twenty Terminators painted and delivered. As I finished Squad Seneca at thursday night, I had a good feeling of a job well done... but at the same time it felt a bit sad to have to send all the Termies away, for I thought that the paint job came out really nice.  And after many nights of painting, I guess I created some kind of connection with the minis... or maybe that´s just the lack of sleep (I didn´t start to talk to them, or anything... hopefully).  I think I have to start a Blood Ravens chapter of my own now :) Well... here´s the pics of the Squad Seneca first.

 Squad assembled... The poses are pretty nice. Especially sergeants. I had to cut the arm a bit to get the Storm Bolter up there... but nothing more complicated.

Metal parts painted. Same old recipe... Bolt Gun Metal, washed with Devlan Mud, high lights with Chain Mail. Drops of Mithril Silver used on some details...

White parts and chapter symbols painted... Nothing new here either. Three layers of Bleached Bone for starters, wash with Gryphonne Sepia (very lightly), high lights with B-Bone again, and finally with Skull White.

And here I´m done with the red parts, and bases too. Lets repeat the red recipe too... Army Painter red primer, wash with Devlan Mud, high lights with Blood Red, and finally with Blazing Orange.

And if you´re one of the lucky winners, and you´re wondering "From what squad does my Termie come from..?" Just flip the mini over and check out the base. You´re answer will be there :)

And here´s group shots of all four Squads. Squad Seneca was missing their basing at the time I took the picture... But I had to take the pic right then, for I had to say farewell to the first three squads the next morning, and had no time to finish the bases :(  Crap..!

Terminators from the front...

and Terminators from the side.

And here´s the first three squads (Thales, Faidon and Bromius) ready to be transported, and face the future missions and battle tables. I have to say, that this has been the coolest project so far in the field of miniature painting for me. Termies are awesome minis, and they bring a massive power to the battle table, but these four squads also had a great story line behind them... I´ts been a great inspiration to have the Dawn of War as a back ground for the minis. And I hope it somehow shows in the result :) I really loved to paint them all...  

Well... Now squad Seneca has left the building too... So now it´s time for new projects. After reading the latest White Dwarf with the new miniature news, I think I´m gonna paint something green... ;)
Good luck to the draw for all of you ... and congratulations to the winners!!!    

1 Mar 2011

Dawn of War - Squad Bromius Group shot

Sorry bout the little delay with the group shot... It´s been hard to find time to write or post anything. Well here it is now :)

I really like how the sergeant came out... Imperial Laurel really brought some Roman discipline feeling for him :)

And here´s another from the above. Mainly just to show that I decided to paint the chapter symbol on the top of the cyclone missile launcher, for the Termie had a limited amount of space on his shoulder :)

Next squad (Suad Seneca) is coming along nicely... I´ll post the WIP pics soon.