6 Apr 2014

High Elves Discipline

Hi there! I just dug out my old High Elves from the golden age of mid 90's Warhammer. Lots of unopened blisters and few plastic boxes. And ofcourse the Armybook from 1993, with some sweet pics and memories... I wanted to see how much Citizen Militia I can put together from old plastics.

I didn't put the blisters in this pic, but I'll be back with those later, for there was some nicet stuff :)

I got together 35 old Spearmen and 33 Archers. In this case, I kind of like these units with all models having the same pose. It gives the feeling of discipline, that High Elves are supposed to have. Kind of what you see in the beginning of first LotR movie. The Elvish ranks work like machines, waiting until the last moment, then cutting down the enemy with precise strikes. Love it!

I'm thinking of taking the Champion with spear out of this blister, to replace the present Spearman unit champ. There's gonna be lot of repainting of the old High Elves to the "Caledorian theme". You can see the two recently painted Caledorian Militia lurkin in the ranks. I think the units are gonna look great with this coating. Bye now!

2 Apr 2014

Citizen Militia of Caledor: Archer

Hi there! I got my first Archer color theme done for my Caledorian Militia. I tried to make the colors similar with the spearmen and Dragon Princes...  Here's what I came up with.

Accompanied with spearman. Bases came out abit flashy in the photo's... Sorry about that.

And finally with Dragon Prince. I think the colors match up quite nicely so far, and the "old school" theme is getting more and more attractive for me, as I paint and go through my old Warhammer books. Must be the mid-life crisis... Bye now!