17 Aug 2013

Dark Vengeance Bikers Done

Finally I got my self to paint the last of these beautiful bikers. I got some inspiration to finish it from our last sunday 40K game... where this unit assaulted to close combat at turn 2, with only two of the bikers alive... and held a unit of Chaos Marines with a furious anger... untill turn five, when sergeant, as a last man standing, finally got it from a Chaos chain sword through he's chest. It was a big deal for winning the game, and amazing four rounds of close combat :) Here's some pics...

Bye now!


  1. Hi! Those look really awesome!
    How have you painted those red parts, they look ridiculously awesome!

  2. Thanx Jani! Well... I use Army Painters Red Spray for primer. Then I wash twice with Agrax Earthshade quite heavily, but try not to make any "pools" of wash anywhere... for it turns the red parts to black. Then I high light twice with Blood Red. New highlight with Troll Slayer Orange (leaving previous layer to show abit). And finally I use dots of Golden Yellow here and there, for nice final effect :) And there you pretty much have it...