27 Feb 2015

Ruins Done!

Finally got this scenery piece painted! Here's some pics.

Painting was pretty easy going job. Just few shades of gray on different layers. I decided to paint some cracks on the wall, and I think it was worth it. It improved the ruiny feeling... :)

Here's a darn flashy picture (sorry) with a Pathfinder flipmat  and some minis. Heroes are hiding on the second floor from a O&G patrol...

It was a nice little project, and I feel I could do more of these... Not aiming for Mordheim, but for RPG use, few more would make a nice set. Bye now!


  1. Looking good alex! I like how you did the shading under the outlying bricks. It really makes them pop out on the table!

  2. Thanks Greg! Yes, I thought the bricks needed some shading. They kind of vanished to the sand and grey color at first...

  3. Nice!
    I´ll probably do something similar for my Mordheim board...