2 Mar 2015

Second Ruins Done

Hi there. Inspired by my first ruins scenery done, I tried to make another small piece yesterday. I had no building plan ready (shows abit in result), so I planned as I went along... but it was more of a testing of different materials and colouring project for me. And it turned out Ok, so here's some pics...

Here's the front, where somebody stole the door... or maybe I could make one. Hmmm...

Here's the back side and a piece of the second floor...

Secod floor is really way up there... Let's play it's an attic. I have to make ladder now. Bye!


  1. Great shading again Alexander! That just looks so great! Would suggest saving the door for scatter terrain. Maybe someone ran off with it. Could even have fun, give someone part of the door as a shield...tell a little story :)

  2. Thanks Greg! That's a great idea! A Troll would have a great shield out of it... Scatter terrain would be great too. Thanx for ideas!