14 Mar 2015

Some Purchases and Arachnarok WIP

Hi there! Here's where I spend my hobby money lately, and first pic of my Arachnarok project...

First some reading. Gav Thorpe goodness from Black Library. This should inspire me to paint my Successor Chapter few more minis..

like this Space Marine Attack Bike still in a box, that would be most welcome support for my bikers.

More reading. Amazing campaign for Pathfinder. Every FRPG GM should have it!

We've been playing some Pathfinder 2nd edition with my son, and now he wanted some more dungeons to delve into... This seems like a great expansion so far. Still some rules to study.

And finally this huge thing...

Some assembly done here... Howdah crew not ready. In comparison, there's one of Empires elites taking blows. More of this spider soon. Bye now!

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