28 Aug 2017

Blood Bowl: New Season, New Team

Hello there! Here's the first pics of my new High Elf Team: Sarathai Bloods.
 Last season with Dwarfs (Miners United) was ok, but I didn't make it to the Semi-finals :( ... I got close anyway :) So this season I wanna try out something completely differrent. Fast pace runnig and throwing game, and avoiding contact... Well, here's the pics.

First five Players ready to rumble! They are all made out of Fantasy Battle Spearmen... except the thrower who used to be FB-Archer champion.

Runners... to represent their lower Armour Value (7), I chose to use the heads without helmets.

Thrower came out really cool... The ball is from greenstuff.

Blitzers... I added a white crest  on their helmets.

NMM is not my speciality, but I like the "gold effect" on this one :)

Finally a Lineman. I made the "face mask" from wire...